A Quest for the Lost Realm of Faërie


Further Research

This chapter covers research that was not included in the previous chapters in order not to over-burden the reader before getting to the ‘nitty-gritty. It is very much a ‘work in progress’ which will be added to and revised as and when new conclusions present themselves from out of the information gathered.

There’s one subject in particular that will be covered in a separate article – The Pembroke Peninsula of Wales and its ‘colonisation’ by the Flemish mercenaries of William the Conqueror. Felix was very keen to investigate this one as it is closely entwined with his previous article on the Norman Conquest.

He has been busy collating and analysing all of the information, which has led him to some startling and tantalising possibilities – so much so that the subject demands its own article in order to do it proper justice. It covers much ground that isn’t directly related to this ‘Quest’, but also a great deal that is highly relevant. Therefore, a synopsis of the unrelated details will appear here with the information relevant to the ‘Quest’ being the main focus. Felix has given me an outline of what to expect and I can promise it will be worth waiting for. 

UPDATE May 2023 : This research proved to be worthy of its own series of articles which have been published under the title of The Dark Earth Chronicles, which is also the explanation as to why, most regrettably,  we haven't updated this one for such a long time. However, both articles will eventually merge together...

The Earth Energy Grid and The Way of Wyrd

From the beginning, this Quest has been all about our disconnection and isolation from nature – our own true nature and that of the world around us. We have made an attempt to describe what has been lost and how our connection to ‘nature’ is an integral part of not only who we are – or who we should be, but also an integral part of everything that exists. We have spoken of Fairy Preserves – Ringforts, sacred wells, cairns, Fairy Paths or Ley lines, portals and entrances to different realms and to regions of the Otherworld.

Viereckschanze of Celtic Redoubt

Viereckschanze or European 'Ringfort'

Coincidentally, a recent post in stolenhistory.net entitled The Mystery of the Celtic Redoubts ("Keltenschanzen") has identified the exact same phenomena as the Ringforts or Fairy Rings of the UK and Ireland, but one which extends right across Europe. They exhibit the same physical and supernatural characteristics as Ringforts - the only difference being that they are rectangular rather than circular.

An earlier article by myself (Will,) called The Great Storm, The Black Alchemist & Toxic Ley Lines, discussed the occult circumstances and implications of the UK’s so-called Great Storm of 1987 - a severe weather event possibly triggered or at least, made more destructive by the deliberate corruption of features that form part of what’s usually referred to as the 'earth energy grid', for want of a better name. The storm's purpose was to cause the destruction of extensive areas of this energy grid and / or its antennae (trees), thus further inhibiting the human connection to and communication with, not only the Earth and nature, but also any other realms connected to the 'grid'.

The Way of Wyrd

Both Felix and I have come to the conclusion that the ideas regarding 'earth energies' expressed in that earlier article are very closely connected to the Ringfort, Fairy Path and Celtic Redoubt phenomena featured in this ‘Quest’ material.

About five years prior to the publication of Andrew Collins’ book, ‘The Black Alchemist’, in 1988, Brian Bates released ‘The Way of Wyrd’. I read this book at some point before the end of the eighties, I don’t remember exactly when. It’s a fascinating story, although it’s more of a recreation than fiction because the research behind the book is meticulous.

The Web of Wyrd

The Web of Wyrd

“Charged with the difficult task of converting the ‘heathens’ of Anglo-Saxon England to Christianity, Christian scribe Wat Brand begins to doubt his mission when he learns more about the pagan ways of his neighbours. Guided by a shaman named Wulf, Brand is introduced to a world unlike anything he has ever known—one of runes, fate, life force, and the Wyrd. But his greatest lesson awaits him in the spirit world, where he will journey and come face to face with the nature of his own soul.”

So reads the publisher’s propaganda from the period. It was probably due to being absorbed in ‘The Black Alchemist’ saga at the time, that the true impact of ‘The Way of Wyrd’ didn’t hit me back then. Instead it quietly simmered on a back-burner in the recesses of my mind until, only recently, it suddenly boiled over and spilled into my consciousness once again. This time it made perfect sense and I realised the debt I owe to ‘The Way of Wyrd’ as having provided the ever-present, silent inspiration for this Quest. I will allow Brian Bates to describe the heart of the matter in his own words:

“At its heart is the experience of ‘wyrd‘. Today, the term ‘weird’ means something strange, bizarre or supernatural. But in its archaic and original sense, it meant that aspect of life which was so deep, so all-pervasive and so central to our understanding of ourselves and our world that it was inexpressible. Wyrd refers to our personal destiny. It connects us to all things, thoughts, emotions, events in the cosmos as if through the threads of an enormous, invisible but dynamic web.

“Today, through a deep connection with wyrd, we are inspired to see our lives in a new and empowering way. It restores our experience of the healing power of love, nature and creativity. It is about letting into our lives the guidance of an extended universe of spirit.

“For a thousand years, the concept and energy of wyrd have lain just beneath the surface of our consciousness in a shadow world, awaiting the time when it may again be needed in the light. Now is that time. This book is about that wisdom of wyrd, how we can rekindle it in the intimacy of our own lives and allow its light to illuminate our personal search for spiritual insight. The Way of Wyrd brings the wisdom of a wizard from the past to inspire your life today and to take you on a journey to discover the nature of your own soul.” ‘The Way of Wyrd’ by Brian Bates (Preface.)

In his story, Brian Bates doesn’t really address the matter of the Fae directly. However, it is there indirectly under the all encompassing label of ‘spirits’ and ‘demons’ with the odd dwarf making an appearance. This is very much in keeping with the era that he has chosen as the backdrop for his tale – right at the point of Christian infiltration and intervention.

The False Web of Wyrd

If this concept of a multi-dimensional web sounds familiar then look no further than the device upon which you are reading this article. It’s connected to the pathetic materialistic replacement of that web, but the only multi-dimensionality it has is in the depth of its depravity and the hypnotic manipulation it pumps straight into your mind. This brings to mind the modus operandi of The Archons, as discussed by Felix in his ‘Nature of the Beast' articles.

The Worldwide Web

“In Gnostic terms this is typical of the Archon’s HAL principle of simulation. In the transfer from a natural organic form to a symbolic abstract replica, certain subtle values are lost and replaced by other inorganic ones that are presented as being equal to or even superior to the original values. For example, when vinyl records were replaced by digital compact disks, they were promoted as giving superior sound and longevity to vinyl. This has proved to be a complete lie and exactly the opposite is true with the result that vinyl records are now making a comeback (yee-ha!). However, the vast majority of people don’t know and don’t care about this because they accepted the deception so now it forms part of their reality.”

The Archons, as portrayed by the Gnostics, are basically a form of Fae or rather demons, who are incapable of original thought and can only mimic natural organic forms or systems. These simulations, or virtual realites, they subvert through the inversion of their natural purpose and promote via deception. Thus the Worldwide Web is now the simulated version of the natural organic Web of Wyrd and people believe and accept that “it connects us to all things, thoughts, emotions, events in the cosmos as if through the threads of an enormous, invisible but dynamic web” when in fact it does precisely the opposite.

Ritual Slaughter on the Earth Grid

There was even an Irish pre-cursor of the Scottish Glencoe massacre, although it took place some 300 years earlier. Sir Henry Sidney KG, Lord Deputy of Ireland, invited 40 lords of Laois and Offaly with their wives, children and followers, to a peace conference on or around New Year's Day 1578. This took place at one of Ireland’s sacred sites – a Ringfort (Rath) or Fairy Fort known then as Mullach-Maistean and now Mullaghmast. When all the unarmed guests were assembled and surrounded by four ranks of soldiers and cavalry, Sir Henrey left. His men then butchered all of the unarmed crowd, totaling some 400 men, women and children. From M1577.14 of ‘The Annals of the Four Masters’.


Mega Phil, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Agenda to Separate
Humanity from its True Nature

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank stolenhistory.net member FarewellAngelina for his observations regarding the various Inclosure Acts  which began in England as far back as 1604 and were specifically designed to keep people out of the countryside and thus from communing with 'nature' via the Web of Wyrd, or Earth Grid if you prefer. By virtue of some 5,200 of these acts 28,000 square kilometres of common land in England and Wales passed into private ownership. In combination with the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century they ended up driving people off the land and into towns where they could become slaves to the industrialists.

The Enclosure of Common Land

The enclosure of common land in England continues today and during the recent lockdowns the UK elite took the opportunity to redefine what were once public footpaths, bridleways and Green Lanes. By 'redefine' I mean remove.

These Inclosure or Enclosure Acts weren’t the only methods used to isolate us from nature. Today the exact same procedure is now dressed up in the language of ‘protecting the environment’. National Parks, Wildlife Preserves, Forestry Commission land, Nature Reserves, not forgetting the land used by electricity providers for those god-awful wind-turbines, Ministry of Defence installations, NATO / foreign military bases, extensive military training grounds, nuclear plants, toxic waste sites, etc., etc. The so-called Green Eco-Mentalist movement is just another ploy to isolate us from nature.

The Plantations of Ireland

I would add to the long history of our forced separation from the land by citing the various Plantations of Ireland. These were established by the English elite and were the method used to separate the Irish from their natural habitat through the enforcement of the feudal system of slavery - yes, you did read that right Ireland, not America. This ‘colonisation’ began before that of America. In fact there's no atrocity that's ever been committed anywhere by the British Empire that wasn't first perpetrated upon the English / Welsh / Scottish and Irish in order to turn them into slaves for the establishment of that very Empire in the rest of the world.

Click to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

This raises many questions: Was the sacred site chosen deliberately for this massacre? Was it a ritual blood sacrifice intended to have a severe negative affect on the local energy grid? It certainly makes you wonder. For example, we have seen in the earlier Quest material that the Fomorians used ‘plagues’ as weapons. Also, according to Homer, the god Apollo had the ability to give or deliver from the plague. Was this the source of the potato blight that caused Ireland’s Great Famine of 1845? Could it have been effected via ritual manipulation of the Earth Grid, in the same way that the UK’s Great Storm of 1987 was allegedly manipulated by The Black Alchemist? The epithet of “The Great” is always a clear sign that, whatever the event was, it wasn’t caused by natural phenomena, but by ritual means – it’s like a trademark.

The Rural Purge

As if it wasn’t enough to physically restrict people’s access to nature and the Earth Grid, there was a Rural Purge of people’s minds. This took place in the early 1970’s in America, but whether it also happened elsewhere is unknown, although it’s effects were felt in other countries.

The ‘Big Three’ television networks in America had been broadcasting shows with a distinctly rural themes since the late 1950’s to a satisfied audience. These included The Real McCoys, The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Lassie, Petticoat Junction, and Hee Haw. Many of these shows were aired in other countries all over the world. In spite of consistently being at the top of the TV ratings, these and other top-ranking shows were all cancelled in the Rural Purge of the early seventies.

“CBS canceled everything with a tree in it — including Lassie.” Pat Buttram, ‘Mr. Haney’ from Green Acres.



It’s quite pathetic to read the official excuses for this mass cancellation, but there can be no doubt of the true objective when you see what the replacement shows were. Maude, The Jeffersons, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, M*A*S*H (featuring what was probably the first transvestite on TV), The Amateur's Guide to Love, The New Price Is Right, Gambit, The Joker's Wild, The Sonny & Cher Show, All in the Family and The Brady Bunch Hour. Neither Felix nor I are familiar with any of these shows, so unsurprisingly, not to mention fortunately, it seems they never made it outside of the US.

Many US politicians including President Nixon, expressed their concern over the new programs and their suitability as family viewing. This prompted the creation of The Waltons, which was a return to the rural theme. It was scheduled to be aired at the most unpopular time-slot available in the expectation that it would be quickly cancelled. However, it was an instant success.

The driving force behind much of the Rural Purge was Fred Silverman. “Silverman was born in New York City, the son of Mildred, a homemaker, and William Silverman, a radio and television service repairman. His father was Jewish and his mother was Roman Catholic… In 1995, he was awarded the Women in Film [Los Angeles Chapter (?!*)] Lucy Award in recognition of excellence and innovation in creative works that have enhanced the perception of women through the medium of television. In 1999, Silverman was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.” Source

‘Television Arts and Sciences’… a fancy name for brainwashing if ever there was one.

The Denial of Access to Rural Areas in Britain

Another dirty trick used in the UK to not only restrict access to, but also to clear people out of them altogether, was to destroy the transport network. The canalisation of rivers had been in operation since 1515 in England and the first canal was constructed in 1539. In the run up to the Industrial Revolution the canal system reached almost 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometres) in length, much of it had been constructed in the interest of the slave trade for the transportation of cotton, tobacco and sugar. Many slavers were investors in the canal industry. By the time that the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, the railway network had taken over from the canal system as it was obviously faster. There was no further investment in the canal system as all the monied elite focused upon building railways and from that point onwards the canals went into decline.

By the beginning of the 20th century Britain had a railway network of 23,440 miles (37,720 km.) However, due to a lack of coordination, cooperation and common sense within the competing railway companies, many lines were inefficient, incompatible, therefore between 1923 and 1939, around 1,300 miles (2,100 km) of passenger railways were closed down. In 1948 the entire rail network was nationalised. Despite a ‘Modernisation Plan’ and £1,240 million, some 3,318 miles (5,340 km) of railway were lost between 1948 and 1962 by which time the British Transport Commission couldn’t even pay the interest on its loans – in other words the usual scenario following nationalisation or indeed privatisation.

Of course, the railway services that were cut were overwhelmingly those in rural areas. 174,000 jobs had also been lost, again mainly in rural areas.

In 1963, along comes Richard Beeching, chairman of the re-christened British Railways. His master plan was to close 2,363 railway stations and 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of railway lines with the loss of a further 67,700 jobs – again mainly in rural areas.

The Beeching Cuts

The Rail Network before and after Beeching

At the same time this was happening, following the loss of almost a quarter of a million British jobs from the Transport sector:

“In 1956, London Transport became the first organisation to operate a scheme recruiting staff directly from the Caribbean. Between 1956 and 1970, thousands of new recruits came to London from Barbados to work for the network. For a short period in 1966, applicants came from Jamaica and Trinidad as well.

“The recruitment scheme became a model for other large public-sector employers, such as British Rail and the National Health Service (NHS)... which also became major recruiters.” Source

The chaotic situation continued throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Obviously, the elite were now pumping their money into the road network. There were accusations of large scale corruption within the Conservative Government which could never be proven. The Labour government promised to cease the rail closures in their manifest, but reneged on the promise once elected.

By 1987 less than half of the original 23,440 miles (37,720 km.) remained in service. In 1982 there was a serious proposed to greatly increase rail fares and reduce the rail network to just 1,630 miles (2,620 km), leaving only 22 miles (35 km) of railway in Wales. Fortunately, they were shelved due to an impending election. In 1990 the rail network was sold off into private ownership when the monied elite made another killing.

The result of all these cuts was that rural areas became depopulated as they were only accessible by motor vehicles and those with the financial means to purchase and run them. Bus services that had been provided to replace the rail services were a total disaster and they also closed down within a short space of time. As the urban areas became more densely populated, so the burgeoning upper-middle and middle class sought refuge from the hoi-polloi in those same rural areas. They became either commuters or weekend residnets. This presented a new opportunity for the monied elite to develop the rural areas which, of course, required the destruction of the natural environment in favour of housing estates, golf courses, sports centres, restaurants and shopping malls. 

Agenda 21/ 23 & Lockdowns

This became ‘a thing’ in 1992 and has largely been forgotten thanks to the recent pandemic. It’s mantra is “sustainable development,” which is an odd term. What does it mean – development that must be sustained, e.g. continual development, or development that sustains itself? ‘Healthy Cities’ is another catch-phrase along with a barrage of the usual jargon concerning the environment. (Please Note: Since this article was published Agenda 23 has arrived with even more of the same and worse.)


“Agenda 21 demands the central global control of all land; all private property; all water sources and distribution; all other resources which includes people in its definition; all energy supplies and distribution and all food production and distribution.” Source

This is a summary of it’s objectives:

  • An end to national sovereignty
  • State planning and management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forests, mountains, oceans and fresh water; agriculture; rural development; biotechnology; and ensuring ‘equity’ (equal slavery)
  • The State to ‘define the role’ of business and financial resources
  • Abolition of private property (it’s not ‘sustainable’)
  • ‘Restructuring’ the family unit
  • Children raised by the State
  • People told what their job will be
  • Major restrictions on movement
  • Creation of ‘human settlement zones’
  • Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate land where they currently live
  • Dumbing down education (tick!)
  • Mass global depopulation in pursuit of all the above

The robbery of common land in England continues today. During the recent lockdowns the UK elite took the opportunity to redefine what were once public footpaths, bridleways and Green Lanes. By 'redefine' I mean remove.

So what was the pandemic all about really? There are many theories and I have even proposed one myself here. What was it that made it so important to prevent people from leaving their homes and being in natural open spaces during the past 2 years? It seems like a climax to the progressive enforced isolation from nature that has been going on for centuries. Are the Fae and the force of Mother Nature fighting back? Do we need to be kept away from them right at this particular time more than ever before? Is the Way of Wyrd shifting cycles towards a new beginning?


The English peasants had been revolting since 1381, if you see what I mean. The unsuccessful, treacherous and bloody Peasant’s Revolt  of that year wasn’t specifically caused by the enclosure of common land, but many of the aims of the rebels would later reappear when the enclosure of common land was directly challenged by the English people. When the Dutch Jewish moneylender Manasseh Ben Israel conspired with Oliver Cromwell to bring down the English monarchy and readmit the Jews to England, his New Model Army was raised on the promise of reforms that would benefit the normal working man. These promises were never honoured by Cromwell and nothing changed. Some of his soldiers rebelled against him, but were mostly all executed. They were known as ‘The Levellers’ due to their desire for a society based upon level law for all. Their cause was taken up by ‘The Diggers’in 1649 who actually referred to themselves as ‘The True Levellers’ because their philosophy included the levelling of land ownership as well as the law.

The driving force behind the Diggers was Gerrard Winstanley. There’s a film that was released in 1975 called ‘Winstanley’ that gives a good overview of the situation and what happened. Winstanley has been labelled, anarchist, communist protestant, quaker, marxist, socialist, Christian Universalist, blah-blah-blah, but undoubtedly he wouldn’t even understand many of those terms. Personally, I think it’s pointless to label him by modern standards as they have no relevance and they all come with tainted associations. It’s far better to let him be judged by his own words and deeds.

His rhetoric was based upon concepts from the Old Testament and in particular he used the struggle of Israel whilst in bondage to the Egyptians as an analogy for the situation in England:

“And the last enslaving Conquest which the Enemy got over Israel, was the Norman over England; and from that time, Kings, Lords, Judges, Justices, Bayliffs, and the violent bitter people that are Free-holders, are and have been [so] successively. The Norman Bastard William himself, his Colonels, Captains, inferiour Officers, and Common souldiers, who still are from that time to this day in pursuite of that victory, Imprisoning, Robbing, and killing the poor enslaved English Israelites.

“And this appears cleer, For when any Trustee or State Officer is to be Chosen, The Free-holders or Landlords must be the Chusers, who are the Norman Common Souldiers, spread abroad in the Land; And who must be Chosen: but some very rich man, who is the Successor of the Norman Colonels or high Officers. And to what end have they been thus Chosen? but to Establish that Norman power the more forcibly over the enslaved English, and to beat them down again, when as they gather heart to seek for Liberty.

“O what mighty Delusion, do you, who are the powers of England live in! That while you pretend to throw down that Norman yoke, and Babylonish power, and have promised to make the groaning people of England a Free People; yet you still lift up that Norman yoke, and slavish Tyranny, and holds the People as much in bondage, as the Bastard Conquerour himself, and his Councel of War."

The Support of the Fae

There are some surprising elements to be found in Winstanley’s rhetoric that could hint at the involvement of the Fae or some kind of intervention by spirits:

“...In that we begin to Digge upon George-Hill, to eate our Bread together by righteous labour, and sweat of our browes, It was shewed us by Vision in Dreams, and out of Dreams, That that should be the Place we should begin upon; And though that Earth in view of Flesh, be very barren, yet we should trust the Spirit for a blessing.

“...This work to make the Earth a Common Treasury, was shewed us by Voice in Trance, and out of Trance, which which words were these,

“’Work together, Eate Bread together, Declare this all abroad.’

“Which Voice was heard Three times: And in Obedience to the Spirit, We have Declared this by Word of mouth, as occasion was offered.

“Another Voice that was heard in a Trance, was this,

“’Whosoever labours the Earth for any Person or Persons, that are lifted up to rule over others, and doth not look upon themselves, as Equal to others in the Creation: The hand of the Lord shall be upon that Laborer: I the Lord have spoke it, and I will do it.’

“And we are assured, that in the strength of this Spirit that hath manifested himself to us, we shall not be startled, neither at Prison nor Death, while we are about his work; and we have bin made to sit down and count what it may cost us in undertaking such a work, and we know the full sum, and are resolved to give all that we have to buy this Pearl which we see in the Field.

St George's Hill golf club

The area of St. George’s Hill, Weybridge, is now a highly exclusive location. This is the only image of it I could find that doesn’t show a mansion worth millions… it’s the golf club.
University of Exeter, CC BY 2.0

Imagine the scene if you can; Gerrard Winstanley, a failed merchant betrayed by the system, has begun a commune upon St. George’s Hill at Weybridge in Surrey – which, given the name, must have been a sacred pagan site at one time and part of the ‘Earth Grid’. Could it be that Winstanley and his commune actually communed with ‘spirits’ through a connection to the web of Wyrd that was amplified by the sacred site? In Felix’s article, The Nature of the Beast Part 3: Miracles & Apparitions, he demonstrates very clearly how when the ‘supernatural’ communicates with humanity it does so by using a frame of reference that’s familiar and acceptable to the person or people being contacted. Obviously, the Fae would have a vested interest in Winstanley’s cause.

Rebellion becomes Controlled Opposition

If you look at any history of communism you will probably see the English ‘Levellers' and ‘Diggers' mentioned, but theirs was a nationalist movement born from a belief that the Earth was a treasure trove who's bounty was to be shared equally by everyone. They believed in the re-establishment of a ‘Golden Age' that existed before the Norman Conquest and its imposition of the feudal system. They also rejected the religion that preached the taking of violent action against them from the pulpit. Ultimately they were defeated, but they inspired the establishment of many other Digger communes across England and they didn’t go down without a fight. Politically they were actually more ‘right' than ‘left', but please note that word “common" as in common land, it later morphed into communism when the elite fashioned it into controlled opposition, because they knew it was a great danger to them. (‘Communism’ is actually an oxymoron because its true purpose was to prevent common people from communing with nature by keeping it all enclosed and in the ownership of the elite.)

Romanov Memorial

 “This is the Romanov Tricentenarial Memorial in Moscow’s Alexander Garden, erected in 1914 commemorating 300 years of the Romanov dynasty. The image records its pre-1918 appearance. later the eagle and the COA (?) were removed, and the names of tsars and emperors replaced with the names of revolutionaries or socialists (including Sir Thomas More [WS: a stange choice] and
Gerrard Winstanley.)” Source

Both Felix and I spent our childhood in the county of Surrey and yet neither of us had ever heard of Winstanley and The Diggers. In spite of it being a local historical event, we were never taught about it at school. I only found out about it whilst testing the possibility of examining Folk Music as a viable source for hidden and stolen history. There are some surviving folk songs about the Diggers that often end up within collections that have an anachist / communnist theme, which is a shame.

The Ranters

It’s worth mentioning another group or cult that appeared around the same time as The Diggers and who are always mentioned as being one of the same ‘dissenting groups’. This is actually an attempt to confer ‘guilt by association’ as the Ranters were a heretical religious cult. Their doctrine was similar, but more radical than that of the nominally Protestant heretical 14th century Brethren of the Free Spirit that began in and around Flanders, in common with many other things. 

The Ranters

The Ranters

The Ranters claimed to have no leader, although the most active Ranter authors were either from the New Model Army military elite and / or nominally Protestant theologians with quite un-English sounding names, such as Abiezer Coppe and Joseph Salmon (a common corruption of Solomon.)  Their ideaology was what we today know as 'Woke', which is nothing more than the same old ‘holiness of sin’ doctrine, that would re-emerge on the continent a short while later in 1666 as Sabattean-Frankism. It’s curious to note that the Ranters appeared just after the Jews were readmitted into England by the traitor Cromwell.

The Origin of Medicine

This may seem to be an unlikely area for research in relation to the Realm of Faërie, but please allow me to explain. Modern Western medicine is fairly recent and there are much older disciplines, such as the Indian and Chinese systems. These included the concept that certain illnesses, diseases and even psychological symptoms were attributable to the influence of external entities acting upon the individual. For many centuries following the advent of organised religions, this concept was carried over to those belief systems, although in a much narrower and brutal fashion. In the Christian dogma, for example, disease, illness and mental affliction was attributed to demonic possession and the only remedy was full-on exorcism. This coincides with the general policy of everything supernatural being defined as demonic, except God, Allah and the angels, of course. Anyway, that’s not the point of this section as it’s quite well known, what I’m more interested in is drugs and herbal remedies.

Ever since I was young I have always wondered how the discovery was made that a Dock leaf would calm the sting of a Nettle. Obviously, that’s just an isolated incident and the tip of an enormous iceberg. Some of the natural remedies are incredibly complex in terms of their combination and elaboration, involving rituals and harvesting ingredients at the correct time. We’re even talking about fermentation for 12 years in certain cases.

Was all of this knowledge simply acquired by happy accident? Were thousands of people killed as ‘guinea pigs’ in the distant past trying out different herbs or plants and their combinations, or licking different varieties of frogs? Of course, different areas have different flora and fauna, therefore these remedies were all relative to their locations, which rules out any kind of universal knowledge.

The traditional ‘Medicine Man’, or Shaman as we call them these days, received his knowledge from communication with the spirit realm or however you wish to refer to it. Ayervedic medicine, which is the oldest in the world, was given to mankind by divine entities, according to Vedic tradition. Given that the Fae are intimately connected to all of the elemental aspects of our world, it’s reasonable to assume that they also possess knowledge of the healing properties of plants and minerals. That they passed their knowledge onto us is a highly probable solution to the questions raised above. It would also explain the local specialisation of remedies.

When ‘Science’ and vested human interests took over then it all went wrong.

In 1903 a highly regarded doctor of the time, Joseph Frank Payne, M.D. Oxon., gave some lectures entitled ‘English Medicine in Anglo-Saxon Times’ to an audience of contemporary fellow doctors. As might be expected, it was the usual self-congratulatory affair that attempted to justify the system of modern western medicine against the enormity of other much older traditions. In spite of the popular view, western medicine has a very long history indeed as attested by many manuscripts housed in the British Library. As you might expect, these manuscripts were all written by the early Christian scribes and therefore subject to the Christian ‘gloss’ and censorship we have already seen in earlier chapters. However, they do illustrate very effectively that so-called western medicine dates back much further than may be imagined.

Our Doctor Payne and no doubt the entire medical profession of his time, had an issue with this as, even in spite of the Christian ‘gloss’ there was a very clear supernatural / supersticious element to early western or as he called it, European medicine:

“There was not more superstition in the Anglo-Saxon medicine than in the contemporary and earlier medicine of other countries. What there was superstitious and magical in the Anglo-Saxon writers was not peculiar to them, but was in part derived from the literature of a much higher and older civilization than theirs, and what was not thus derived might easily be paralleled in those more learned and cultured writings. In fact, one might go further and say that such superstition as is found in the Anglo-Saxon medicine has been found in the medicine of most countries and in most ages of the world. With certain exceptions, what we call superstition has generally formed a part of every medical system, and if we look impartially at the various systems of medicine now prevailing in various parts of the globe, we find the same thing ; our own European art of healing is the exception. So little has this been regarded, that it is necessary to emphasize the truth that medicine free from superstition is not the rule, but the exception.”

Whilst trying to play-down the importance and significance of Anglo-Saxon medicine or leechcraft as they called it (nothing to do with leeches), he was actually hinting at an older universal system of medicine and highlighting the fact that modern European medicine is unique in that it completely ignores the supernatural / superstitious aspects of this much older universal system. Having backed himself into a corner he comes out fighting, as you might expect:

“According to Pliny \ magic, the doctrine of the Magi, originated in Persia, and was founded by Zoroaster and was brought into Greece by Osthanes, who accompanied Xerxes on his war against the Greeks. Notwithstanding this untoward political association, Osthanes induced the Greeks to accept magic not only with zeal, but with a positive mania. Pliny does not say that this was the only source of superstitious medicine, for there were traces of the same in Italy, and more especially in Gaul. In his own day, he says, magical medicine was celebrated in Britain with such striking ceremonies that it might seem as if the Britons had taught it to the Persians.”

Surprisingly, even Wikipedia states that all of this Magi, Osthanes and Zoroaster business is highly suspect with descriptions such as ‘pseudepigrapha’ and that Osthanes “was an imagined master sorcerer, sage, astrologer, and philosopher claimed by some to have lived in the 5th century BC and as early as 400 BC.” Doctor Franks then goes on to try and prove that Galen, a first century AD Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher, would have nothing to do with the supernatural / superstitious involvement in medicine, although even this is disputed by Alexander of Tralles, one of the most eminent physicians in the 6th century Byzantine Empire.

Personally, I think that the record of modern European medicine speaks for itself. It by-and-large treats symptoms, not causes – with drugs, not medicine. If it’s affected then it gets cut out and maybe replaced, but in any case you become more dependent on drugs. Vaccinations pump more drugs into us that make us more dependent on even more drugs or we simply die. The medical profession has become a tyranny that’s being used to isolate us, not just from nature, but from our true selves – or rather, what little is left of that anyway.

To be continued...

Will Scarlet & Felix Noille


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