The Great Storm, The Black Alchemist
& Toxic Ley Lines

We live in a society that’s been pasteurised, homogenised and flouridised (if that’s even a word.) Most people’s diets do them more harm than good. Food processing technology has advanced to the point where it us capable of extracting the very last drop of nourishment from everything, especially that which our grandparents considered to be a staple diet. Drug companies poison us, our children and our pets in order to sell us even more drugs to counteract the effects of their poisons and since the Codex Alimentarius legislation, the Big Pharma companies are now the only ones who can sell us all the nourishment that's been processed out of our diet as Food Supplements... or at least that's what they claim them to be.

These factors are all physical. Many people are realising that there are also many mental factors that have been brought to bare upon the general population designed to extract consent to the physical factors described above. These take the form of media manipulation in all its forms and have been discussed many times. It seems as if it’s more dangerous to be alive now that at any other time. This situation has been carefully stage-managed and developed over a very long time.

I would like to discuss another aspect that may have been overlooked in this regard. It concerns our connection to the Earth and to nature. Over recent years it has been referred to as Earth Mysteries, Geomancy, Ley Lines, the Earth Grid etc., although these are all fairly recent concepts that would seem to have no counterparts in the ancient world.

Our relationship to the Earth and to nature has been redefined. Global Warming and Climate Change have condemned us as the guilty party in this relationship. This is a falsehood, as the veneration of and interaction with our Earth was always a ‘natural’ part of life that didn’t require stupid names.

I would also like to demonstrate that these natural forces of our Earth have been systematically and deliberately poisoned and corrupted in much the same way as all the other aspects of our lives. The effects of this could be as damaging to us as are all of the physical ones mentioned above.

In order to illustrate this I will be relying heavily on the personal experiences and research of both myself and my brother – Felix Noille. We have been researching this and other subjects for many years. It could be said that this particular subject is the one that projected us down a specific path in a fairly dramatic way.

Forest Devastation


What follows is an account of my experience of the Great Storm. I realise it may be somewhat tedious to some readers, therefore I have provided the option to skip past it by clicking HERE.

My Nightingale

It was October 1987, a month that had seen a lot of heavy rain in the southeast of England that year – more than usual even for England. My brother and I were very interested in what is probably best described as ‘Celtic folklore’ during this period and we would compare notes when we met up.

Experience of ‘Celtic folklore’ had opened up a perceived connection for me with the landscape, which probably sounds stupid, but it was a very real experience. At the time I was working nights in a medium sized business located in the depths of the Sussex countryside on a small industrial estate. My journey to work took about 30 minutes during which time I would listen to music in the car and enjoy that connection to the landscape – just as I was doing on the very wet and windy evening of the 15th October 1987. The weather forecast had not warned of anything other than the customary rain.

The building I worked in was a large rectangular construction the majority of which housed heavy machinery. At one end there was a mezzanine floor above the section I worked in that housed the administrative offices. The rest of the building was one vast open area. There were just four of us on the night shift so we used to rattle around in the mostly empty space.

There were no windows so we couldn’t see what the weather was up to outside, but we could certainly hear it. At around 2am the power went off. All four of us gathered in my office because it was more comfortable, warmer and the kettle had just recently boiled. The telephone lines were down and no one had mobile phones in those days – at least not us peasants anyway. As the howling of the wind increased we began to tell each other ghost stories as it was a shame to waste such an ambiance. Right in the middle of one such tale there was an almighty noise like an explosion that physically shook the ground. The heavy door connecting my office to the rest of the factory blew in and the wind made its entrance. In my office there were a number of desks, but we all tried to get under the same one for some bizarre reason. When we plucked up enough courage to take a look into the main factory, we could see that most of the roof had gone and one of the walls had blow into the factory on top of all the machinery – it was mayhem. The time was about 2:30am. Today the information on the internet states that the storm didn’t hit the English Channel until 3am… cobblers.

We determined to get out, which involved running the gauntlet through the factory right to the other end. Once at the exit there were roofing sheets flying like guillotines across the car park. Three of us made for our vehicles, which fortunately hadn’t been damaged. I saw the fourth member of our band in my headlights standing just outside the industrial estate and stopped to pick him up. He didn’t bother with his car and simply ran to safety. He never saw his car again, at least not in the same shape. We all got out of the industrial estate unscathed.

The Factory Unit

My companions decided to sit the rest of the night out in the middle of a big field that was the local park. I had a young family at home and couldn’t shake the vision of the large oak tree in the garden blowing down on the house, so I decided to head for home. It was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. The local village was dead. There were bushed and bits of tree blowing around the streets. There were houses with trees leaning on them and some with trees in them, but there were no people or vehicles anywhere. Every route I took led to a huge wall of leaves blocking the road and forced me to take longer and longer detours. I managed to move some of the smaller tress aside and plunged on into the night amidst the howling that sounded like wolves and the constant flashing of what looked like lightening. It was during my tree shifting escapade that I saw balls of lightening floating around.

I never did understand and still don’t, how there was light available for me to see by during my flight across the landscape, or perhaps ‘fight’ would be a more appropriate description as that’s what I had to do constantly with the steering wheel against the wind. At times it flet like the car would take off. All the supposed satellite pictures show thick cloud and yet I could see clearly even without headlights.

In desperation I turned off a road that was taking me in the wrong direction and found myself driving through a small village. When I reach the end of the village I just managed to stop in time before the car plunged into a massive pit. The road work warning signs had all blown away. Ahead lay a small dirt track that went into a dense forest. It was then that I decided “Sod this for a game of soldiers” and turned around to get back to my friends and wait the night out with them. As I drove back through the village a black line appeared across my windscreen and the car began to struggle. Then there was a twanging sound and I realised that it was a telephone line that I had just brought down.

Needless to say it was impossible to get back the way I came as even more of the scenery was now on the road than it had been a short while ago. I was forced to turn around and then I saw another human being approaching in a car. Well, not a car, but a van. A telephone engineer’s van! I was amazed they had tracked me down so quickly and was practising my apology for bringing down the entire local telephone network when we stopped beside each other. He told me that the road ahead was blocked and I confirmed the same for him. He then very kindly invited me to shelter in a local telephone exchange, which I accepted gratefully. It turned out to be in the same village where I had recently pulled the phone lines down – information I decided not to share. I was able to phone home and was reassured to find that all was well.

Eventually at around 7am things began moving outside. The telephone engineer was listening in to local calls and I was watching to see when the villagers stopped coming back home after trying and failing to get to work. The wind had gone by that time. I found myself joining a large mobile gang of people who were travelling from one blockage to the next, clearing the road before them. Some had chainsaws and the rest of us shifted all the wood. I reached home by early afternoon to find the oak tree still standing. Thankfully my work companions all survived the experience unharmed.

(PS: If your wondering what happened to the Nightingale, it’s here: ‘my night in gale.’) 

The Aftermath

Immediately afterwards the event was described as a hurricane. This continued for quite a while until it was officially designated a storm because hurricanes have to form in the tropics and this one just formed or ‘appeared’ in The Bay of Biscay. This is very unusual in itself as most British storms sweep in from the Atlantic.

Mobile Homes on the South Coast of England

It was quickly designated ‘The Great Storm’, declared to be the worst in living memory and as unparalleled since 1703. That ‘Great’ epithet always manages to be associated with extremely dodgy stuff, (like the Great Fire of London.) Twenty-two people lost their lives – four of those were in France where the area of Brittany was the first to be hit. There are various differing estimates of wind speeds which range from 103mph to 135mph (166kph – 215kph). The unusual feature is that many of these ‘gusts’ lasted for a solid 4 hours. The transport chaos took quite a while to settle and many people were without power for around 24 hours.

The biggest loss was to trees. Estimates start at 15 million, which is staggering. A vast number of them were hundreds of years old. The town of Sevenoaks in Kent was reduced to one oak. It was very curious to see the devastation as it made no sense. It was almost as if it had been consciously selective, which I realise sounds crazy, but that impression was reinforced over and over again. 

Forest devastation

Emmetts Garden, Kent, after the Great Storm. Source

Another after effect was that the connection I felt to the landscape, which I spoke of earlier, disappeared completely from that point on. My brother also confirmed this. We were stuck with the notion that there was much more to the Great Storm than just a freak meteorological event. ‘Stuck’ was the right word, as we had nowhere to go with it.

It was very difficult to research such a theory, although we tried our best. In fact Felix has included that research in his 'Dr. John Dee, The Hellfire Club, Obelisks and Masons: 007’s Legacy' article which covers the storm that defeated the invasion of the Spanish Armada, Shakespeare’s depiction of Prospero in his play ‘The Tempest’, who was probably based on John Dee, Gerald Gardner’s account of the New Forest witches who conjured up a storm to prevent a German invasion during WWII and rumours of storms that were used to thwart Julius Caesar’s Roman invasion. All of this is highly speculative, of course, but you have to work with what you’ve got.


As time passed the enigma of the storm was put on a back burner. That is until the following year when I went shopping one day in the nearby coastal town of Brighton. It’s a place with surprising little shops hidden away that sometimes reveal their treasures – especially those of the occult variety. In one such shop I discovered one such treasure. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first, but there is was: “The Hidden Secrets of The Hurricane revealed for the first time with pictures” and that wasn’t even the title. I bought it immediately. 

The Black Alchemist


The book was by Andrew Collins, who would later, much later, feature regularly on the TV series ‘Ancient Aliens’. At this time he was more or less unknown. ‘The Black Alchemist’ was the first of his Psychic Questing books and sparked a whole new genre of occult investigation that lasted throughout most of the nineties and didn’t die until he started to take himself too seriously. He aspired to academia, but in truth he wasn’t one and would never be accepted as one, but he tried. He also tried to bury his psychic questing period which survived thanks to a small cult following. His original books based upon information received from Psychic Questing were worth a small fortune on eBay at one period. He has republished some of them since 2014, so times must be hard maybe.

“The Black Alchemist is a real account of terrifying true events. The nightmare begins when Collins and his friend Bernard G. visit a secluded churchyard on the Sussex Downs of southern England as part of a psychic quest. They are looking for an ancient Egyptian treasure, a golden staff known as the Stave of Nizar, brought to England at the time of the Crusades. Yet instead of finding a long lost Egyptian relic they uncover a stone spearhead, inscribed with magical symbols. Through further investigation they discover it has been concealed as part of a dark occult ritual by a character they dub the Black Alchemist. Collins and Bernard are then thrust into a series of horrifying confrontations as this sinister figure attempts to put a stop to their unwanted interference. Then, in the aftermath of Britain’s first hurricane in nearly 300 years, the Black Alchemist initiates the next phase of his great work—the creation of an antichrist, a second Adam, taking the form of an unholy child of unspeakable power. Even though Bernard now wants out of this dangerous affair, Collins convinces him it is something they cannot ignore, setting up a final psychic confrontation on the Sussex Downs. During the course of his investigations the author uncovers the true extent of the Black Alchemist’s obsession with Graeco-Egyptian magic and alchemy, as well as his use of the angelic invocations of Elizabethan magus Dr John Dee. Plus he learns the final fate of the historical object known as the Stave of Nizar.” Source

It really is a ripping yarn and well worth reading. The Black Alchemist’s mission, or at least part of it, was to desecrate or poison the landscape by using ‘markers’ that featured ever evolving versions of Dr John Dee’s Monas hieroglyphica symbol – that much is clear, most of the other stuff is rather speculative although not beyond the realms of possibility by any means. 

Monas heiroglyphica

John Dee's Monas heiroglyphica.  Source

As far as the Great Storm is concerned, or hurricane as it was back then, many psychics with whom Andrew Collins was in touch all had similar visions or impressions to report. They spoke of a malevolence behind it and the image of wolves was a common feature especially in relation to Fenris. Others linked it to the activities of the Black Alchemist, although none openly stated that he had conjured it up and Andrew Collins concluded that he (the BA) had used it as a cover for more of his nefarious activities.


Fenris  Source

Felix was quite taken with the book and even made contact with Andrew Collins by post – there was no internet in those days, at least not such as we know it today. This coincided with a tour Andrew Collins was making to promote his book. It was not very successful as he frequently met with massive resistance from the local clergy wherever he went claiming it was all Satanism. He was scheduled to appear in my vicinity, but found himself locked out of the venue by the local vicar. This annoyed my brother so much that he sent letters to the editor of the local paper in protest... some of you know Felix well enough to not be surprised at that.

Also around this time the hunt was on to track down the Black Alchemist. I have a mild ability with dowsing. I use a pendulum for remote work and rods out in the field. Anyway, my brother got me to try and track him down using a map. He sent the resulting location to Andrew Collins, but the reply informed him that they had been to that very place recently and apparently just missed him.

The Demonic Connection

In the course of the Black Alchemist story, Andrew Collins mentions another book by Tyne Newton, Charles Walker and Alan Brown called ‘The Demonic Connection’, described as “An Investigation Into Satanism in England and the International Black Magic Conspiracy.” This research centres around Clapham Wood in West Sussex – well within the Black Alchemists area of operation. It features reports of strange lights, UFOs, missing pets and even murders.

Click to Enlarge

 Source: The Demonic Connection

Toyne Newton also used psychics to help his research and coincidentally in 1987 he linked all of the nefarious activity to a group known as The Friends of Hecate. This group is also implicated in the Black Alchemist story as is a similar group known as The People of Hexe.

“[The Friends of Hecate] ...a powerful and dangerous group – whose membership included elements of the British Government.” Source

Demonic mural from Clapham Wood

Demonic mural from the Clapham Wood lair of
The Friends of Hecate. (Demonic Connection)

A connection is made between the Friends of Hecate and The Hellfire Club (the second one of Francis Dashwood, also featured in Felix’s post mentioned earlier.) Other avenues are also explored including the KGB, the Druids and Ley Lines.

Clapham Wood

Clapham Wood, East Sussex. Source

“Clapham is the connecting point for leys coming from Chanctonbury Ring and Cissbury Ring, with both of which it forms a triangle. Some of these leys are blocked by man-made obstructions and must therefore be classified as ‘black streams’. This concentration of soured ley power is a veritable hot-bed of toxicity, making Clapham an ideal centre for any who wish (and have the knowledge) to tap the supply for malefic purposes. Is this what the Friends of Hecate are doing?” (Demonic Connection)

Chanctonbury Ring

Blackened and burnt tree stumps that appeared on Chanctonbury Ring. Sussex and then just as mysteriously disappeared. It’s believed they were used as part of a ritual. (Demonic Connection)

The desecration of sacred sites is nothing new and wasn’t even back in 1988. There have been many reports of sheep’s hearts with thorns in, makeshift altars with burnt offerings, mutilated animal parts, in fact whilst on holiday in Cornwall during the early 90’s my family and I came across the intestines of some animal or other pegged out on the ground within a group of stones on Bodmin Moor.


My brother maintained a correspondence with Andrew Collins for quite some time and even got involved in some research for his book entitled ‘The Seventh Sword’. I thought it was a sequel to The Black Alchemist, but it wasn’t it was more like a stolen history psychic quest. As such it’s very interesting although I found it flawed by some dubious ‘channeling’ concerning Akenaton, Tutmose (allegedly Moses) and the Exodus. It does contain some really interesting stolen history aspects that concern Mary Queen of Scots and the Meonia concept.


Earth Energy

You can find lots of information on the internet claiming that the Druids know all about ley lines and earth energies, but these are the descendants of the Victorian pseudo-Druids, not the original Druids. The discovery of ley lines, or rediscovery is probably more appropriate as our ancient ancestors obviously knew about them, is usually attributed to Alfred Watkins in 1921. He published his findings in a book entitled ‘Early British Trackways’ which went down like a ton of bricks and was largely ridiculed by acedemia. He hadn’t even associated them with any kind of energy at that point and he never did because he thought they were trading routes.

However, previously in 1914, a book called 'The Green Roads of England' was published by R. Hippisley Cox. He theorised that the old trackways in the south of England connected many ancient sites and hill forts together and that a great number converged upon Avebury. In the Preface he says “In the south of England the common meeting place of these hill roads was Avebury, where the greatest prehistoric monuments in Europe are still to be seen. It is not unreasonable to suppose that this central gathering ground was the seat of government, and that its authority extended as far as the roads that radiate from it, and the earthworks that protected them.

In 1936 Dion Fortune suggested the idea that ancient sites could be linked by lines of mysterious cosmic forces in her fictional novel “The Goat Foot God.” She referred to them as “the lines of force of the ancient worship” and also stated that they converged on Avebury.

Arthur Lawton, a dowser and member of the Straight Line Club, continued with this notion in 1938. He had been fascinated by German and French dowsing theories concerning standing stones and formulated the idea that leys were lines of natural energy that could be proven by dowsing.

After the interruption of the Second World War it wasn’t until the 1950’s that this idea became a part of the burgeoning Alien Agenda which linked ley lines to UFO activity. Then in 1961, Tony Wedd, published “Ley Lines: The Mysterious Lines Connecting The Cosmos” promoting a theory that leys were magnetic flight paths for alien visitors and any sites of interest found along them acted as landmarks… like they’d need landmarks to follow magnetic currents.

In 1969 John Michell, published “The View Over Atlantis” which combined ley lines, earth energy, UFOs and ancient mathematics – all it missed was Tartaria. It wasn’t long after that the New Age disinformation movement took a firm hold of the idea.

Similar concepts are echoed in North and South America with the Native American ‘Spirit Lines’ and the Nazca style lines and of course, let’s not forget Fung Shui and its ‘Dragon Lines’. 

Earth Energy


Ley Lore

Today it’s possible to drive yourself crazy with ‘Geopathetic Stress’ concerns. Sorry, that should read ‘Geopathic Stress.’ Just as with Fung Shui, where you can end up with all of your furniture inside a wardrobe in the corner, you mustn’t sleep or spend much time around anything that interrupts the Schumann Resonance. This includes underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults, “man-made structures such as railways, motorway cuttings, embankments, bridges, quarries, tunnels, mines and underground bankers [?] can cause geopathic stress. Steel pilings, metal fences post and road signs stakes, as well as buried gas, electricity and water mains and sewers, can disrupt Schumann Resonance and cause geopathic stress. Certain types of building foundations and structures can be another cause of GS.

“A German researcher Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl (who coined the term geopathic zones), after a very extensive study in the course of his whole life, came to the conclusion that every single disease could be linked to geopathic stress.” Source

Pardon me for sounding cynical. I’m not saying this is all nonsense, but it just seems rather extreme. I don’t think ley lines and the Schumann Resonance are the same thing, but that’s just an opinion based on… well, one’s a magnetic field and the other’s a line, so nothing more than instinct really.

According to Alex Fulford a well known Australian clairvoyant:

“[Ley lines] are veins of energy that crisscross the entire planet, and are electromagnetic energy in nature. The electromagnetic energy within our planet is its life force. Our planet, just like ourselves and all living things are electromagnetic and sentient beings. Australia sits on a ley line called the 44th Parallel.

These ley or energy lines often have temples, churches, monoliths and pyramids built on them. Mountains have these ley or energy lines going through them also. People have been aware of and worked with ley or energy lines for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew the importance of these lines and how to map them and how to use them for energy work. There are some people that use ley lines for very dark purposes too. Such as black magic practitioners. Ley lines can be made toxic, as in be contaminated by dark negative energy. It is a fact that the ley lines running through Canberra have been contaminated with very dark energy for many years now. I like several other psychics have been very aware of this dating back to 2005 and before. But from 2005 the energy has become very toxic.” Source

He goes on to describe the effects caused by a significant ley line that runs through his property, which by the sound of it has been corrupted quite severely. He also describes how artificial portals that allow ‘interdimensional beings’ to come and go at will are facilitated by the toxic ley line.

This may all sound like another extreme and possibly it is. However, it does resonate with the Black Alchemist and Demonic Connection material. There are other ways of poisoning ley lines that don’t require any colour of Alchemist.

“...grid researchers have noted that particle accelerators are located on grid points...

“Aside from nuclear installations, the government has involvement in many, many other grid points; military bases, satellite communication facilities (such as at Point #14), and The Pentagon.

“.. It has been known for at least a few years now... that particle accelerators are definitely in use in a number of locations on Long Island, such as at Brookhaven Labs, Montauk Air Force Station, and a number of underground locations in between these two sites. Despite endless denials and blank stares from Brookhaven flak catchers and their cohorts, there is positive proof of the existence of such accelerator units at Brookhaven, at Camp Hero and elsewhere underground on eastern Long Island including in the Westhampton pine barrens.

“Below is a partial list of possible grid manipulators and where in the grid they are placed, along lines between the known major grid points…

[The format is Location: Ley Start Ley End]

“Fermilab: Greenland and Teotihuican
Triumf: Greenland and Kiribati
DESY: Magnetic North and Giza
CERN: Greenland and Giza
HAARP: Magnetic North and Kiribati (Note that Midway Island falls on this line also)
EISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza
HISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza
Aricebo: Greenland and Cuzco
HIPAS: Magnetic North and Olgas, Australia
Poker Flats: Magnetic North and Olgas
Millstone Hill: Giza and Kiribati
NCAR: Haarp/Triumf/Teotihuican
SRI: Magnetic North and Greenland
a. Kashina: Mongolia and Kiribati
b. Kansai/Kobe: Magnetic North and Olgas
c. Yamagawa: Tibet and Teotihuican
d. Okinawa: Giza and Kiribati
e. Goose Bay: Greenland and Cuzco
f. Iceland: Magnetic North and Giza
g. Kapaskasing: Greenland and Teotihuican
h. Saskatoon: Magnetic North and Teotihuican
i. Antartic: Giza and Kiribati.” Source

A bit confusing I know without the map, which isn’t provided, but it seems too important to omit.

Much of the lore surrounding ley lines and Earth Energy insists that the transference of energy works both ways i.e. from the Earth to us and vice versa. The use we put to sites located on ley lines affects them as much as they affect us. Therefore a church placed on a ley line will (usually) transfer positive energy both ways. A Nuclear Power Station will transfer negative energy through the ley line. Desecrate the church and it too will transfer negative energy.

Sacred Groves

 In Felix’s ‘Nature of the Beast’ series the significance of trees and sacred groves to the old world belief system was highlighted. There are a great many legends from all over the world that feature trees - take Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse mythology for example which is very much depicted as a connection between the above and the below. 

Felix % Will

Yggdrasil Source

Herne the Hunter

“At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak. Entranced, connecting the three worlds Earth, Sea, and Sky, and the worlds behind the worlds, the god and the Great Tree are One, His immense limbs widespread, stretching into distant sky and starry space.

“His massive trunk, spine of the Middleworld, is the heart of the Ancient Forest around which all Life, all worlds turn; His limitless root web growing deep into secret earth and Underworld; above him the great turning circles of Sun, Moon, and Stars. All around Him subtle movements of the leaves in melodious, singing air; everywhere the pulsing, gleaming Green awash in drifts of gold and shimmering mist; beneath Him soft moss creeping over the dark, deep, moist of spawning earth. At His feet is the great Cauldron from which the Five Rivers Flow." Source

Also known as Cernnunos, The Green Man, Lord of the Trees or Lord of the Forests, he even featured in Shakespeare's ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor' and is claimed to be depicted in Stone Age cave paintings. In his ‘Herne the Hunter' aspect he appears as Guardian of the Realm in times of trouble.

“Cernnunos, as Master of the Wild Hunt, who pursues the souls of evil doers, is not associated with a biblical or even modern morality, but with the protection and continuance of the Land and Nature and the spirits that dwell therein." (ibid.)

This presents another aspect to the Great Storm, an alternative explanation for the visions of wolves and the howling sounds I experienced myself that night. Some claimed it was a cleansing and so maybe as Master of the Wild Hunt, Herne was undoing the damage done by the Black Alchemist.

Herne the Hunter

Herne with his steed, hounds and owl, observed by the Duke of Richmond and the Earl of Surrey, in Harrison Ainsworth's Windsor Castle, illustrated by George Cruikshank, c.1843 Source

It’s obvious that trees play a vital role in nature, but maybe their role goes further than the obvious. To claim that all trees grow on ley lines would be daft. Perhaps though, old trees manage to connect with the same energy grid expressed through ley lines. They could be another exchange mechanism for positive energy as well as carbon monoxide and oxygen. If this is the case, then it would explain why my brother and I both lost the feeling of connection to the landscape after The Great Storm. It also adds fuel to the notion that the storm didn’t happen due to some freak weather event, but had a deliberate purpose – the annihilation of all the ancient sacred groves and tree energy networks in the south-east of England. 

Working with Leys and Earth Energies

I’m very much an amateur dowser. The dowsing scene is much more complex and complicated these days – especially since the discovery or invention of Geopathic Stress. For example, there are apparently two types of underground water – Yin and Yang, female and male, positive and negative. Water that comes from above the Earth through rainfall is Yang/male/negative.  


 No, it's not me. Source

“Underground yin (female) water is born deep within the Earth and is independent of rainfall and its energetic pattern emits a healing field. Old dowsers called yin water Primary water but did not realise it was Female. It’s harmonic surface pattern manifests as a spiral called a Geospiral.” Source

Ley lines supposedly comprise entwined spirals of yin and yang energy. Just to make things even more complicated, there are now three different earth grids:

“The three major global grid systems that can produce geopathic stress zones… The Hartmann Grid, The Curry Net and the Benker Grid System.” (ibid.)

I believe the Curry Net emanates from India.

Personally, I’m quite content with my dowsing efforts. I don’t really use it enough to develop it properly to be honest. I know it is possible to create a ley line with the dowsing rods, although this should never be done in a casual manner. In fact, ley lines can be created by hostile neighbours purely through the power of their emotions rather than any dowsing being involved. This calls the theory of a specific grid or even grids, into question and I have to say, “when I was a lad” we didn’t have grids, just ley lines. If we can create ley lines through imagination, emotion or the use to which we put certain sites, then maybe we don’t understand the phenomena of Earth Energies correctly. This could also be the result of the usual deliberate misinformation. 

The Hellfire Club

I’d like to return to the subject of The Hellfire Club as previously mentioned in relation to The People of Hexe and The Friends of Hecate, but more specifically to my brother’s article entitled Dr. John Dee, The Hellfire Club and 007’s other Legacies' that covered the club’s activities, particularly those that went on at the Hellfire Caves and St Lawrence’s Church.

“There is a church directly above the caves - St Lawrence's Church - which was remodelled by Sir Francis Dashwood around the same time that the caves were being excavated.”

St Lawrence's Church

St Lawrence's Church, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
with the golden globe atop the spire.

The caves beneath, which were the scene of the Club’s rituals, featured underground water which was referred to as The River Styx – a classic reference to the underworld and its connection to our world. The church is directly above the caves. 

Hellfire Caves

At the top of the church’s spire they constructed the golden ball, which was another of their meeting places.  West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire very close to the Ridgeway, considered the oldest road in England, which stretches 364.5 miles (586 kms) from the far west of Cornwall to the east coast of Norfolk, passing right through Glastonbury Tor and Avebury. It is probably the most famous ley line in the world.

Click to Enlarge

West Wycombe is between Sinodun Castle and Royston on the upper map. Source

My brother speculated that the Hellfire Club’s members were using the globe for communication or remote viewing, by tapping into a network of obelisks. It didn’t occur to either of us that it may all be tied into the manipulation of earth energies, but now it seems a more likely scenario than the communication theory.

Leying the matter to rest

I certainly think it’s possible that the Great Storm of 1987 was another in a long tradition of weather manipulation by ritual means that goes back, maybe, to the times of the alleged Roman invasion of Britain, or if not, then to John Dee’s possible scuppering of the Spanish Armada. In fact, storm-conjuring in the British Isles was much more commonplace than might be imagined:

"Many parts of the Principality [Wales] had men and women who sold winds and weather to sailors. Modryb Sina (Aimt Sina) was one of the cunning women who could procure 'a fair wind or foul' for sailors and others who went to her haunts, Lavernock. Sully, and Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, in the eighteenth century. Ewythr Dewi (Uncle David) was prepared to do the same. He lived on Barry Island, and used to travel down to Swansea in the days before the great ports and trading places at Cardiff and Barry were known. Bill o'Breaksea accommodated people in the same way at the little harbour of Aberthaw, South Glamorgan. These kinds of people were to be met all along the coastline of North and South Waies. Mari, of Lleyn, in the North, and Modryb Dinah, of Sker, in the South, were experts. Whichever way these men or women turned their hats and wished, therefrom the desired wind would blow...

"On the Gower peninsula whole families were adepts in the art of storm-raising. They were accustomed to tie up the foul wind and weather in an eggshell, from which the white and yolk had been set free by a slight perforation, or sucked carefully out. The latter was then stopped up with shoemaker's wax. At the evil moment the cunning woman or man dashed the eggshells on a stone; then the storm rushed out, and played havoc on land and sea." Source: ‘Folk-lore & Folk Stories of Wales,’ Marie Trevelyan, 1909

The likely culprit for the Great Storm of 1987 is the character known as The Black Alchemist – at least that’s what Andrew Collins called him. He used John Dee’s Monas hieroglyphica, or versions of it, in his desecration rituals. His mission was to disconnect the population of the south-east of England - his ‘patch’ – from the natural energy network formed over centuries by the trees. The area that the storm affected worst was exactly the same as his known area of operation.

Storm Map

Earth energies and ley lines can be used for nefarious as well as benign or benevolent purposes, like all forms of power. It seems that there may well have been an organised and deliberate campaign to use their power against the general population, one that’s been in use by the PTBs for a very long time. It appears to be the favourite pastime of satanic groups, some who are formed for that specific purpose and then dissolve (i.e. The Friends of Hecate) and others who do it professionally, so to speak. Let’s not forget the ‘lone wolves’ like The Black Alchemist and the construction of toxic installations, such as nuclear power stations and wind turbine monstrosities, that are deliberately sited on ley lines.

The effects of poisoning ley lines is reported to be quite severe. Besides the Geopathic Stress aspect which affects health, there are reports of demonic interventions and also manipulation that can affect the outcome of official meetings held at the highest levels on sites affected by a poisoned ley line or ‘black stream’ (as in Canberra, Australia.) Such manipulation may also extend to the general population.

We come full circle and arrive back at the beginning and the physical symptoms of the corrupted society we live in. This article has been about spiritual and energetic corruption, in particular one aspect that may have slipped past our attention - thank you for yours. 

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