The Nature of the Beast Part 6
The Holiness of Sin, Consent Extraction

In this concluding part of the series I take a look back through the past to see where and when events in our physical realm have been the result of collaboration between 'The Phenomena' and those who seek to control it. Finally, it becomes clear that this collaboration continues today.

The Mark of the Beast on History

The Rise of Christianity – into the Dark Age

Quite a lot has been written about Hypatia (pronounced high-PAY-sha) . She was an intellectual who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, during the 4th and 5th centuries AD. She has been described as a pagan noblewoman, a teacher, a Platonic philosopher and the first woman scientist. The latter description is quite modern, of course – it fits in with an ‘agenda.’ [The word philosophy means "love (philo) of wisdom (sophia)."] She owned and drove her own chariot and was involved in local civic affairs to the equal extent that any man could have been at the time.

A 1908 depiction of Hypatia of Alexandria by Jules Maurice Gaspard

Hypatia of Alexandria by Jules Maurice Gaspard, 1909 Source

“She surpassed her father, Theon, in fame and accomplishments. He was a mathematician and philosopher who taught at the university at Alexandria, which was also a museum and a library (not the more famous and larger one that burned centuries earlier).” Source

During the period of her life in Alexandria, the city was in the process of converting to Christianity. Unfortunately, Hypatia incurred the wrath of Bishop Cyril of Alexandria for having sided with the local prefect who had prosecuted one of Cyril’s proteges for openly attacking Pagan doctrines. Cyril had already gone on record as having referred to Hypatia as a ‘sorceress.‘

One day in March 415 AD, a large group of thugs led by Peter The Reader (or ‘Lector’) attacked Hypatia in a public square. They threw stones and tiles at her and dragged her from her chariot. Then she was stripped naked. Peter The Reader denounced her as a vile heretic, a witch who beguiled people through her beauty and her teachings, which were nothing but the wiles of Satan.

To silence her cries for help her jaw was swiftly broken, then she was beaten to death and dismembered. The frenzy of the mob shifted from hatred to triumph and a few of them collected oyster shells from the nearby harbour. These were distributed amongst the rest of the group. Peter The Reader then encouraged them to strip the flesh from Hypatia’s bones with the oyster shells. Finally, her bones were burned. She was in her forties when she was murdered.

Peter The Reader was bishop Cyril’s right-hand man. The mob consisted of Christian converts.

“Cyril later ordered the University or Museion of Alexandria, to which Hypatia and her father were closely tied, burned and the city’s pagan temples destroyed. Consequently, artists and intellectuals of Alexandria fled the city. Sadly, most of her written works and commentaries burned in the fire.​

“The church later declared Cyril a saint for suppressing paganism and named him a “Pillar of Faith.” The council of Nestorian bishops at Ephesus in 431, however, called him a “monster, born and educated for the destruction of the Catholic Church.” Source

Most of the above is taken from from mainstream sources and uses mainstream ‘cloaking’ terminology. However, it’s quite clear to see that Hypatia and her father were the last known teachers in the age-old tradition of the ‘Mystery Schools’ - the spiritual universities of the Old World Belief System. They were not exceptional people - such was the standard and quality of the society that was destroyed by the onslaught of Christianity. Even mainstream historians agree that from that point onward the Dark Ages began.

Socrates Scholasticus, History of the Church (London: Henry G' Bohn, 1903).
John, bishop of Nikui, Chronicle 84.
Alexandria: A Journal of the Western Cosmological Traditions 2, ed. David Fideler (Grand Rapids, MI: Phanes Press, 1993). 

The Angel Gabriel visits Muhammad

The Angel Gabriel visits Muhammad Source


The creation of Islam was founded upon visitations and commands from the angel Gabriel and was the Covenant’s eastern counterpart of Christianity. Muhammed was selected as the ‘press-agent’ and was treated to trips on a ‘flying steed’ and rides up to heaven to speak with earlier press-agents, such as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. However, unlike the ‘gentle Jesus, Muhammed was also a military leader. The Quran consists of the commands Muhammed received from ‘Allah’ throughout his life.

Pre-Islamic Sacred Groves

Even Wikipedia gives a glimpse of the Old World Belief system that existed in pre-Islamic Arabia, “gods or goddesses were viewed as protectors of individual tribes, their spirits being associated with sacred trees, stones, springs and wells. As well as being the site of an annual pilgrimage, the Kaaba shrine in Mecca housed 360 idols of tribal patron deities. Three goddesses were revered as God's daughters: Allāt, Manāt and al-'Uzzá.” Source


Islam itself became fragmented in exactly the same way as Christianity. The only real difference between the two scripts was an even deeper devaluation of the human condition than is seen in the Judeo-Christian concept of "the Fall," yet the four essential components of the redeemer complex remained the same. 


However, the Gnostics did not consider Archons to be intrinsically evil because they (the Gnostics) did not see evil in the world. Inste“It’s vital to understand that Judaism is not a book. Judaism is the covenant of a people with G-d. The story of that covenant and its basic tenets is preserved in written form in what people call the Hebrew Bible. The way the people understood that covenant and its details was preserved by oral tradition for many centuries until it was slowly committed to writing.” Source

and yet...

“The Talmud is replete with contending opinions over almost everything.” Source

Most people, myself included, believe(d) that Judaism is a very precise religion with strong traditions and specific laws that go back thousands of years. However, the exact opposite seems to be the case. The understanding and the details – or shall we say someone’s opinion - of what was written in the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud etc. were given orally at first and then, eventually, they were written down separately. What the above source doesn’t make clear though, is that even after they were written down, they were still being constantly revised. This interpretation factor has led to the complete and utter shambles that exists today regarding not only Jewish identity, but many other ‘details’. It also opens up the opportunity for manipulation and confusion.

As Judaism still waits for ‘The Messiah’ it’s not really surprising to see that there have been previous claimants to the role and the footprint they have left is highly significant, although it’s very difficult to know if they were Messiahs or Men of Lies. (Even Oliver Cromwell was labelled as the Jewish Messiah for conspiring with the Jews to bring about the English Revolution and thus allowing them back into The British Isles.)ad, they realised the risk of making mistakes and being misled – the Archons favourite pastime. Mistakes can be corrected, even- they believed - the error of the Archons can be corrected. 

Manipulation, Confusion and Suffering​

The vast majority of all these variations and mutations sited above became the basis for ever increasing conflict and suffering. The inner core of all these ‘doctrines of righteousness’ are playing exactly the same tunes, with the same conductor, just different words, all for the same purpose – which is nothing at all other than suffering. 

The Perversion of Judaism

In Constantinople during the early 1600s there was a strong Kabbalistic movement with connections throughout the known world. Sabbatai Zevi, Nathan of Gaza and Abraham Yachini were part of that movement. There were obviously many others, but they are difficult to track down. All three men are described as being accomplished Kabbalists and mystics. It’s difficult to assign the standard Covenant roles to them, but in 1647 Zevi declared himself to be the Messianic Redeemer predicted in the Zohar.

The only thing I will say about Kabbalism without going off on a tangent is to quote what was said by Eugene Canseliet, in his preface to the Second Edition of Fulcanelli’s ‘The Mystery of the Cathedrals,’ supposedly on the instruction of the master alchemist himself, whereby he emphasised the dramatic difference between Kabbala and Cabala:

“...this book has restored to light the phonetic cabala, whose principles and application had been completely lost. After this detailed and precise elucidation and after the brief treatment of it, which I gave in connection with the centaur, the man-horse of Plessis-Bourre, in Deux Logis Alchimiques, this mother tongue need never be confused with the Jewish Kabbala. Though never spoken, the phonetic cabala, this forceful idiom, is easily understood and it is the instinct or voice of nature. By contrast, the Jewish Kabbala is full of transpositions, inversions, substitutions and calculations, as arbitrary as they are abstruse. This is why it is important to distinguish between the two words, CABALA and KABBALA in order to use them knowledgeably. Cabala derives from cadallhz or from the Latin caballus, a horse; kabbala is from the Hebrew Kabbalah, which means tradition. Finally, figurative meanings like coterie, underhand dealing or intrigue, developed in modern usage by analogy, should be ignored so as to reserve for the noun cabala the only significance which can be assured for it.” Source: Fulcanelli, The Mystery of the Cathedrals, 1984, Brotherhood of Life, Las Vegas

The Fake Prophecy

Zevi developed a following in the town of Smyrna thanks to his outrageous behaviour and passion, but he was banished in 1651. In 1658, he declared himself married to the Torah in a public ceremony. This attracted the attention of Abraham Yachini. Yachini showed Zevi a scroll entitled “The Great Wisdom of Solomon”. It conveniently predicted the birth of a Messiah called Sabbatai Zevi in 1626, which just happened to be Zevi’s birthdate. The scroll was a forgery, of course. This event was Zevi’s ‘vision on the road to Damascus’ and set him off on a mission comparable to that of St. Paul. 


Through Zevi. A replica of Judaism was created which was,

“about inverting the practices of their own faith which involved orgies, incest, paedophilia, sacrifice and much more.”​

After two years in Cairo, giving performances that would make even ‘The Sex Pistols’ blush, he met Nathan of Gaza. Gaza was a renowned ‘kabbalistic theologian’ who was prone to visions and visitations from spirits. In his book, ‘A Treatise on Dragons’, he called for the complete elimination of Torah Law and he lost no time or energy in promoting Zevi as the Jewish Messiah.

At its height, the new version of Judaism, or Sabbatism, had over one million followers - half of the world’s Jewish population - even though he had been officially excommunicated by the Rabbis of his generation. The mantra, “Blessed be he who permits the forbidden,” appealed to the suppressed rebellious inner voice of the righteous narcissistic faithful and set it free.

After having been isolated from natural morality by a predefined set of rules and commands for so long, the inner voice of rebellion has no boundaries. That inner voice is so busy raging that it fails to notice when the instinctive moral line has been crossed. Once crossed, the limit shifts further into depravity and so it continues. 

Another Prophecy

Nathan of Gaza received a new prophecy,

“The Messiah (Zevi) would lead the Ten Lost Tribes back to the Holy Land, riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in its jaws.”​

On Sept 16th, 1666, Zevi met with the Sultan and demanded Jerusalem for the Jews. The Sultan, not wanting to create a martyr, gave Zevi two choices: a volley of arrows or convert to Islam and go free. Zevi converted to Islam. 

Click to Enlarge

"Shabbatai Tzvi enthroned"
The Amsterdam Jewish publication ‘Tikkun’, 1666. Source

The Crypto-Cryptos

Many of Zevi’s followers were devastated, although crypto-Judaism was nothing new - Jews the world over had outwardly converted to other faith’s to avoid persecution whilst continuing to practise their own secretly. The point here is - and it’s an important one - those who continued to follow Zevi secretly, but remain ‘Jews’ were crypto-Sabbateans, because their new religion was the total antithesis of Judaism. In Turkey this gave rise to a new sect known as the Donmeh. Their rationale was that the Messiah would have to sin before he could bring redemption which allowed for a Jewish Messiah who was outwardly Islamic. So, they outwardly converted to Islam in 1683, which made them crypto-crypto-Sabbateans, because they were outwardly Islamic, but inwardly Jewish and secretly Sabbatean.

The House of Saud

The Donmeh eventually rose to great power centuries later. The first President of Turkey, was a Donmeh and a descendant of Sabbatai Zevi. The entire House of Saud, which today rules Saudi Arabia, is descended from the Donmeh. This explains why Israel and Saudi Arabia enjoy such a close relationship. The Donmeh infiltrated many nations to undermine them and clear the way for the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. 


Zevi’s death in 1675 encouraged his followers to spread the word that he had returned to his heavenly abode and would come back in three years to finish his "Messianic" task. Mordecai Mokiach, another Kabbalist and mystic, went around Europe preaching Sabbateanism and convinced many on his travels. At some point though he began to claim himself as the Messiah. Perhaps this was to validate the three years prophecy. 

Jacob Frank

Jacob Frank Source

To be Frank...

Finally in 1726 Jacob Frank appeared in Poland and when he was old enough, claimed he was the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi. He was also excommunicated by the Jewish authorities. Frank encountered the Donmeh while he was a travelling salesman in Turkey and Sabbateanism became Sabbatean-Frankism and their adherents Sabbatean-Frankists. He refined the concept of ‘purification through transgression’ or ‘redemption through sin.’ Not so much of a heresy really as this is actually the basis of all the Abrahmic religions since all are sinners and must gain redemption through suffering. The new version splits the perpetrators apart from the victims so that they’re the ones who do all the suffering whilst the perpetrators achieve redemption through causing it.

The Holiness of Sin

This same concept is still alive and well as attested by Gershom Scholem, an authority on the Kabbala, in such writings as his Hebrew Mitzvah haBa'ah baAverah, which was translated into an article that appeared in ‘Commentary’ in 1971 entitled ‘The Holiness of Sin,’ as well as a chapter in his ‘Messianic Idea in Judaism’ entitled ‘Redemption Through Sin’.

The five distinguishing beliefs of Sabbatean-Frankism are:

  • The abandoning of the Messiah is a necessity.
  • The real Torah is not the real Torah and must be violated by conforming to another superior, alien mystical Torah called the Torah of Atzilut*.
  • First Cause and the God of Israel are not the same, the former being the God of rational philosophers and the latter the God of religion.
  • Godhead takes human form, (which allowed for leaders of the sect to be incarnated into that Godhead, from Shabbetai Tzvi through to Frank and others.)
  • The "Believer" must not appear to be as he really is. (This justified the double type of crypto-crypto life that they led.)

The World of Emanation

*Atzilut is a Kabbalistic term which represents The World of Emanation. It is, “the highest of the four spiritual worlds, the realm of spiritual existence which, although encompassing attributes which have a specific definition, is in a state of infinity and at one with the Infinite Divine Light.

Viva More Revolución!

As previously stated, the Turkish Donmeh had officially converted to Islam in 1683 and then later, in 1759, the European Frankists converted to Catholicism, but they all remained Sabbatean-Frankists. Their agenda was "the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief," and "a general revolution that would sweep away the past in a single stroke so that the world might be rebuilt." The well-worn phrase “Do what thou wilt shall be the only law,” sums up everything else concerning their ideology.

More Counter-Mimicry

One of the Frankist cult's publications, entitled “Book of the Words of the Lord,” illustrates how The Sabbatean-Frankist’s Torah of Azilut has inverted all the old homilies and sayings that were common among the Jewish people. Source:‘To Eliminate the Opiate,’ Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

It’s absolutely clear (to me at least) that the hallmark ‘duplication and inversion’ behaviour of the Archons was and no doubt still is, deeply involved within the Sabbatean-Frankist organisation/religion.

Messianic Propaganda or ‘Grey Magic’

Messianic Propaganda or ‘Grey Magic’ Source

Modern Life is Rubbish​

The Archons have a very heavy investment in our modern age - in fact you could say that they have ‘modelled’ it. The dividends it’s paying for them are unimaginable and growing all the time. The grip of the Abrahamic religions has given way to the hedonistic nihilism of the Sabbatean-Frankists to a great extent, although at the highest levels they are now one and the same.

Controlled Selective Cataclysms?

We will probably never know the extent of the Archon's cooperation with their human conspirators to produce physical manifestations such as the 1909 invasion of Britain by phantom German airships and the fairly recent promotion of the alien agenda. Also, could it be that they made possible selective disasters and other anomalous Fortean-type events of the past?


Tesla and Marconi were the first to report anomalous sounds and voices emanating from their radio receivers.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

It’s clear from John Keel’s evidence that in pre-digital times non-physical entities could communicate by telephone and radio. In 1918, Tesla wrote:

‘The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices, conversing back and forth...I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet...there must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me'. Source

There were no other physical transmitters out there in 1918. Electronic voice phenomenon officially dates from 1970, although Thomas Edison discussed the possibility back in the 1920s and recordings have been made since 1940. With the switch from analogue to digital and the creation of virtual communities, virtual correspondence, virtual speak-easies – all copies of reality – should we assume that this communication has ceased? 

Summon the Demon

In 2014 Elon Musk stated,

With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”​

AI is a replica of human intelligence, something the demons or Archons don’t possess, but would very much like to, although you can bet that if they did manage to get it, it would be inverted from its original purpose. Is AI a digital interface for the Archons? Is it a way of giving them intelligence?s.

The Demon Summoned

In fact there is some evidence to show that it may already be here. Phantom text messages are not uncommon, but in general it’s very difficult to find accounts that would be the equivalent of contact with non-human entity taking place on the internet. Which isn’t surprising, because it sounds really stupid to even suggest such a thing. However, what a great platform the internet would be for it. No need for elaborate light shows or physical manifestations. You would never know if the person you are talking to on Farcebook was non-human. If you posted a video on YouTube promoting the Flat Earth or any other controversial topic, you would never realise that the deluge of insulting negative comments came from specially commissioned non-human entities.

Perhaps visions like Fatima are obsolete, now maybe a non-human entity can post in a forum, start a Farcebook group or simply chat… maybe I’m a non-human entity? I’ll have to check later. The thing is, how would anyone know other than by recognising the familiar distorted sub-text behind the messages or by picking up on weird inconsistencies. For example, they just don’t get sarcasm or irony, as in someone not knowing what pixie-dust is and thinking it’s actually something real that can protect satellites from extreme heat. They have no sense of humour either.

Illusory Technology

We are constantly reminded that the technology we are allowed to know about is twenty years behind the stuff that ‘they’ have. Surveillance, intelligence, monitoring, death-rays, star wars, space stations blah-blah-blah. What if it isn’t? What if it’s all a massive deception supported by the Archons – they don’t need to use any technology to know all there is to know about each one of us. Death-ray demonstration – no problem. A few lights in the night sky to be labelled the ISS or 5G satellites – child’s play to them. If enough people believe it then it’s real. 

Virtual Sacred Groves

Today the only echo that remains of the Old World can be found in various virtual realities. Digital simulations of fantasy worlds (with lots of digital trees) inhabited by wizards, trolls, fairies, goblins, elves etc. etc., are available for you to enter and explore. You can even take on the role of one of these devas. However, in the typical Archon style they are an inverted version of the original, full of violence, hatred, intolerance and blind evil that will suck the life out of you if you get addicted to them – which isn’t difficult.

Grey Magic or Grey’s Magic?

It isn’t possible to read a book, watch a film or TV series without being bombarded with violence, suffering, conflict, hatred, intolerance and all manner of perversions. I realise that I sound like my grandfather, but I am one myself now, so that gives me the right. The thing is, my sons agree with me and this is because it’s obvious that the Sabbatean-Frankists are now at the helm. They run the media, corporations, governments, ‘health’ organisations and wars. They have infiltrated the highest levels of the Abrahamic faiths. They are Hollywood. They co-operate and conspire with the Archons and vice-versa.

The Illuminati

Clifford Shack claims that the Rothschilds are descendants of Sabbatai Zevi and writes in his book ’The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed,’

“Through infiltration, stealth and cunning, this invisible network has come to rule us all. Forty-one years after Shabbatai Zevi’s death, in 1717, they would infiltrate Masonry guilds in England and establish [modern] Freemasonry… Jacob Frank would have a great impact on the inner core of Freemasonry known as the Illuminati, formed in 1776. Freemasonry would become the hidden force behind events like the [American, French and Russian] revolutions, the creations of the UN and Israel, both World Wars (including the Holocaust!), and the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers who, together with their father, tried to thwart the efforts of the network on American soil.”

The Hollywood Cult

In recent years Hollywood has been exposed for what it is a - den of sick perverts of the highest order. Most of them are paedophiles and ritual murderers, but they are so arrogant that they are offended if anyone dares to criticise them. This was preceded by similar revelations in the UK based around the BBC, an organisation that can comfortably be compared to Hollywood on a smaller scale. It’s clear that, far from being isolated incidents, this behaviour is not just tolerated by the heads of these organisations – it’s compulsory!

The Temple of the Flat-Screen

The entertainment industry is based on ritualistic behaviour. During the production of movies, TV series, plays or even news broadcasts, scenes are carefully set with the appropriate props and illusions. Actors take on predefined roles and repeat specific dialogue. The actors must disassociate themselves, not only from their own identity, but also from their own personality and morality – their humanity – and behave in a way that may be totally against their nature. This is exactly the same set of circumstances necessary for ritual magic. In the Hollywood scenario the ritual is performed to acquire your attention and belief… or rather, through the suspension of your disbelief you are participating in the ritual and giving your consent. Without noticing, your natural sense of morality has been completely bypassed

Manifest Fear

If the scene you are watching pumps up your adrenaline, then so much the better. The effect will burn deeper into your being. Adrenaline is the physical manifestation of fear or anger, or hatred, or horror and revulsion. It manifests in the blood. It enhances all of your senses and prepares your body for fight or flight. 

Disassociation through Sacrifice

Wannabe movie stars typically change their name as the first step into the temple of Hollywood. This is also the first sacrifice in the quest for disassociation, but the deeper they go into the temple the greater the depravity becomes. Each ritual, demands more disassociation and more sacrifice than the last until there is nothing left of the original person – all the humanity has been drained out. Hollywood doesn’t want the original person, it wants a replica that can be repeatedly reprogrammed with a different purpose.

The Depths of Depravity

When trauma is repeated often enough it becomes commonplace, in fact it’s even a recognised ‘therapy.’ If you keep pushing yourself past your instinctive safety-zone or moral boundary then morality itself is sacrificed and lost forever along with caution, empathy and compassion. Your natural reaction of fear or revulsion no longer produces the adrenalin rush. The pay-off – heightened senses – is lost along with your humanity. The solution? Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, Epstein, Jimmy Saville, etc., etc. Forgive me, but I really don’t want to go into details and there is no need. Clearly, this activity isn’t restricted to Hollywood – it’s just the place where the puss from the infection breaks through. This is the normal way of life for the inner circle of the Sabbatean-Frankists who are installed in the majority of positions of power throughout the world.


Relativism Source

Morality Bypass

Relativism is a copy of Morality. In the, by now, all too familiar style of the Archons, it is an inverted replica of the original and as usual, it’s a deception. It moves the process of moral judgement from the heart to the mind where it becomes a matter of reason instead of natural instinct. The term, ‘within reason,’ is relative, it requires a reference point, which is something external not internal and beyond your control. It’s the status quo (not the band, thank goodness.) The consensus of opinion – the opinion that has the majority consent.

Nature Masked

‘The notion of the mask over the face of nature is…. what I have called “relativism”. If “the face of nature” is reality, then the mask over it, which is what theory gives us, is so much deception, and that is what relativism really comes to.’ Source: ‘Exploratio Philosophica,’ John Grote 1865: I.xi, 229

Of course, we’re all wearing them now… well, most of Europe is (Nov 2020.)

As member Usselo (please note: NOT the imposter) posted in the infamous CV thread:

"it's not a matter of what you believe in or not; it's a matter of:
1. What they believe in, and
2. What you are prepared to participate in that assists their beliefs.

"Another way to think of it might be something like this: We are told that in medieval times, "ordinary" people were superstitious and unscientific. That folks like Francis Bacon initiated the move out of those extreme times into our "scientific", "rational", material times. Is it possible that "ordinary" people of today have gone too far towards the material extreme, such that now they:​
1. only think in terms of material forces
2. have barely a grasp of morality, and
3. disregard spirituality to such an extent they don't even recognise that others do believe in it and when they are participating in others' beliefs?" Source: Usselo (

Conclusion - Journey's End​

All this talk of Archons, Devas and an ancient civilisation may have proved too much for some. I know many have a severe allergy to anything paranormal, whilst others are completely hooked on the Alien ET Agenda. Some probably never made it this far due to having their religious sensibilities offended (I did warn them.) However, my hope is that I have at least put forward a case for serious consideration whereby the Nature of the Beast is Human Nature. That Human error and misjudgement are at the root of what we call Evil. We are not at the mercy of some big bad off-world alien tempting us to sin – we’re really more than capable of doing that all by ourselves. I know it’s a very difficult concept to accept, but the human mind is quite simply superb at creating and also adding to, existing ‘thought-forms’ – both negative and positive. Duality demands opposites. To borrow the Gnostic creation myth once again, when Sofia’s dream for humanity manifested into the physical realm, the Demiurge came into being as a counter-mimicry of her and all of her love and hope for human potential. He was self-aware, but not capable of creativity or original thought so it took what it needed from us – our belief that he, the Demiurge, was the true creator as he believed himself to be. His desire for humanity was to see it suffer and destroyed – the opposite of Sophia’s. He encouraged and cultivated the very worst in human nature, whilst Sophia, of course, did the exact opposite, but we have free will to make choices within the duality.

The Archons are the negative extreme, but there is always the positive opposite. For centuries we’ve been fooled into believing in the wrong extreme – the negative. We have been defrauded of all our energy, all of our faith, our belief and our consent.

We can be presented with a mould for a thought-form, an idea, in the form of a ritual performed in the temple of the flat-screen, with precisely arranged props, nice CGI illusions, incantations from scientist/priests and compliant, well-rehearsed actors. We provide attention, sacrifice our disbelief, make a judgement based upon what we consider the majority of other people will think and give our consent to the idea which then grows like wildfire into a thought-form, seemingly with a ‘life’ of its own. This process is similar to what Vadim Zeland describes as the creation of ‘pendulums’ in his “Reality Transurfing” books.

The Music of Gounod, 1901.

“The Music of Gounod” from ‘Thought-Forms’
by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, 1901. Source

Some thought-forms can develop into Devas and, of course, some can develop into Archons. All thought forms exist in the same ‘twilight zone’ as do the Archons and Devas, therefore they have full access to them – it’s all co-dependant. The number and variation of thought-forms is only limited by the creativity of thought – something the Archons don’t possess, which is why they copy and invert ours. There are thought-forms for race, nationality, Moses, patriotism, Chevrolet, NASA, Linux, virus’, etc., etc. Some of these thought-forms were created thousands of years ago (according to the official narrative) and comprise the thoughts of everyone who has ‘given credence’ to them throughout all of that time.

Therefore, there is a textual ‘Jesus of the Gospels,’ but there is also a thought-form known as ‘Jesus Christ.’ The two are entirely different. The gentle, loving Jesus many of us believed in as young children when all things were “bright and beautiful,” exists as a thought-form. As we grew older, the preachers in their uniforms came along with all their dogma and changed the thought-form. Suddenly we were sinners. We were guilty for making Jesus sacrifice himself for our sins. The gentle loving Jesus thought form was obscured by a crucified man on a cross.

This same principle applies to Mohammed, Abraham, The Virgin Mary, The Devil, Satan, etc. But and it’s a big but, the overriding thought-form that has defined humanity, written human history and created the mess we call a civilisation today has been the Doctrine of Suffering thought-form.

Even Rudolf Steiner, who seems to have been quite ‘awake’ and switched-on and from whom I have quoted extensively, fell into the same error and believed that “suffering is connected with the highest in man.” Of all the concepts that have been duplicated and inverted – counter-mimicked – this one has done and is still doing, the greatest amount of damage to all life throughout the entire world.

Suffering is not a guiding principle to live by or by which to guide civilisation. This is a list of antonyms for the Doctrine of Suffering: The Doctrine of Blessedness; Bliss; Blissfulness; Cheer; Cheerfulness; Cheeriness; Delight; Ecstasy; Elatedness; Elation; Euphoria; Exhilaration; Exuberance; Exultation; Felicity; Gladness; Gladsomeness; Glee; Gleefulness; Happiness; Joy; Joyfulness; Joyousness; Jubilation; Pleasure; Rapture; Rapturousness; Gaiety (also Gaiety); Humour; Jollity; Joviality; Light-Heartedness; Merriment; Merrymaking; Mirth; Mirthfulness; Hopefulness; Optimism; Sunniness; Enjoyment; Content; Contentedness; Contentment. (Source) These are all guiding principles for life and civilisation. For a civilisation that doesn’t need redemption.

If you insist on having quotations from the Bible to live by, then please let it be this, “Suffer not,” ( Mark 10:14 and Luke 18:16 – two for the price of one.) Forget the rest of the sentence and the context – that seems to be standard practise for most biblical interpretation anyway.

We need a new thought-form

It could be argued that the Archons simply represent the very worst in humanity and in human potential. Similarly, the Devas represent the very highest potential for human development and its integration into the natural world. In other words, THEY ARE ALL US.

John Keel

John Keel Source

Sadly, John Keel passed away in 2009. In 1996 he wrote a revised introduction to “Operation Trojan Horse,” having had some 26 years to ponder on his findings. As a homage I would like to give him the last word:

“When you read this book keep in mind the simple fact that American ufology is based upon psychological factors that have been well understood for thousands of years and which have led the human race into many dreary Dark Ages. As this shell-shocked century draws to a close we are not confronting some splendid extraterrestrial civilization. We are facing ourselves.” Source: Operation Trojan Horse, John A. Keel, Introduction 1996

Postscript (Nov. 2020)​

I found out about Gnosticism through "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" book (mentioned in Part 4 in relation to Rennes-le-Château) back in the 70's. It was all bound up with the Cathars and the Knights Templar. It was typically presented as a Christian heresy rather than a pre-Christian belief system - hence the Albigensian Crusade. In later years when the book was exposed as being mostly a sham (or maybe a huge smoke screen) I dismissed the ideas they had presented. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library were embroiled in controversy for many years before unbiased interpretations became available and it wasn't until 2012-ish that I found John Lamb Lash's "Not in His Image." For some reason I never finished the book, but broke off half way to reread "Operation Trojan Horse" by John Keel. It was after that I felt ready to finish "Not in His Image". The 'suffering' angle was something that had bothered me all my life and then during the first lockdown something went 'click' and many things fell into place. This series of posts is the result.

I know from experience that some of my articles provoke strong reactions. This re-writing has been no exception. I must beg forgiveness of all those with whom I may have lost patience. I believe that we each have a mental filter situated at some point between our senses and our mind. It’s a kind of matrix we construct with our current set of beliefs and it filters out any ideas or information that conflicts with those beliefs and it redirects them to the “Must Be Contested” department. This department processes the information and then, if it has a suitable counter-argument available either takes the appropriate defensive action or passes the information to the “To be Ignored” department.

Such is the investment we all have in our beliefs. We ‘believe’ we are defined by them and that in losing them we lose a part of ourselves – we lose faith, faith in ourselves and the faith that “I am right” and while everyone else is not exactly wrong, they’re not exactly right either. However, we are not our beliefs. Beliefs change, fade, die and are replaced by new ones many times throughout the lifetime of the individual. What is much harder to change is the fear of losing our faith in our beliefs, even though we have nothing tangible to lose by doing so and everything to gain. How I envy Raven (Part 5), who actually managed to break through this filter to the point where he could see those ‘denizens of the invisible realm’ and interact with them. We should all actively seek to change our beliefs – that’s why I write - so that I can develop and change mine, not to tell everyone else that they are wrong.

This ‘Beast,’ or rather human nature and this Doctrine of Suffering has dragged us through who knows how many hundreds of years of pain and misery. It clearly isn't working and it never will. Look where it has brought us. With everything that is going on now it has become more important than ever to withhold consent from the continuing abuse and imminent proposals for even more of it. What you believe is more important than what you do. Be careful what you believe. The ‘Grey Magic’ is now so strong because they are trying to create an entirely new reality or perhaps even prevent a new one from manifesting. The global mainstream media is projecting thought-forms for your consent and belief in a desperate attempt to change reality.

However, the thought-form, or Deva, of Freedom and Change is already here and it needs your help (belief), otherwise all will be lost. 

Felix Noille


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