The Nature of the Beast Part 4
Rituals, Thought-Forms & The Cult of Zaddik

Having hopefully made a case for a common source of the UFO phenomena (Part 2) and that of Miracles and Apparitions in Part 3, I would now like to explore the possibility of collaboration and cooperation, between ‘The Phenomena’ and humans. 

The 19th to 20th century transition

“The Israel-Palestine problem, the development of Iraq, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Maoism, national self-determination, the centralization of society and economic organization in the West, women’s rights, the rapid and radical development of aircraft, military technology, and the arts, the end of the old British Liberal Party and the rise of the Labour Party, the break-up of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, the decline and fall of European empires and colonialism, the movement for European unity, the United Nations and the emergence of the United States as world superpower—all these were to a greater or lesser degree rooted in or made possible by the Great War.” Source

WWI was the defining point between two ages. Western civilisation lost its impetus and in spite of space rockets, the Beatles, the Pill, the Internet and all the technological gadgets, the fundamentals of civilisation remained static, or it could even be said that they deteriorated. Issues such as the use of energy, the direction of medicine, the grip of materialism on intellectual life, relations between the sexes and classes, the problem of nationalism, the nature of architecture and music, were all on the cusp of creative new solutions at the very beginning of the 20th century. Those innovations were either lost or corrupted by the ‘Great War’ and the same issues remain unresolved today.

WWI – part of a planned agenda

In his book, ‘The Transcendental Universe’ published twenty-four years before the Russian Revolution, C. G. Harrison speaks of “the next great European war” and of how the “national character” of the Slavic peoples would “enable them to carry out experiments in Socialism, political and economical, which would present innumerable difficulties in Western Europe.”​

Harrison,was a strange mixture of English occultist and Anglican Christian. He was described as a “mysterious and unknown figure” who obviously had an unrivalled source of information. He claimed that a particular secret elite, which he doesn’t mention by name, had planned these events so that “the Russian Empire must die that the Russian people may live.”​

This was all being said in 1893, 21 years before the First World War. Was Harrison the press-agent for entities who had given him these prophecies?

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“The Kaiser’s Dream.” 1890 Source

A cartoon map of Europe appeared in the Christmas 1890 edition of the satirical English weekly, The Truth, entitled “The Kaiser’s Dream.” The magazine’s editor, Henry LabouchEre, was a Freemason. It shows republics where at the time there were monarchies. The Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Hapsburgs has gone along with the Russian Empire. Over Russia is written “Russian Desert.” Germany is identified with the words “German Republics” in plural. Source

Chaos in Portugal

This experiment in Socialism got underway in Portugal by means of a revolution in 1910 followed by a severe persecution of the Catholic Church throughout the country. After a chaotic period, Portugal entered into the First World War believing it would consolidate the country, prevent Spanish invasion and secure their overseas colonies. However, it had the opposite effect and by the time of the materialisations in Fatima, there was a dictatorship in power and an easing of relations with the Vatican.


Rasputin Source

The Socialist ‘Experiment' Begins

The assassination of Rasputin, December 1916, put paid to the the last representative of native opposition to western esoteric plans for Russia. He was murdered by Prince Yussopov, a Freemason initiated in Oxford; the murder was assisted by the British Secret Service. Source

During the next five months the Czar had abdicated; America had entered the war against Germany; the German High Command had facilitated Lenin’s return to Russia, while the Americans and the British allowed Trotsky to join him.

So who exactly were these stout-hearted Russian patriots who freed their proud nation from the tyranny of the aristocracy?

In 1917 of the 52 persons who took over the direction of Russia, all but Lenin were Jews. The Rev. George Simons, who was Superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg from 1907 to October 1918, appeared before a Committee of the United States Senate on the 12th February, 1919, and gave them a report of his personal knowledge of the happenings in Russia up to the time he left.

"In December, 1918, out of 388 members of the revolutionary government, only 16 happened to be real Russians; all the rest were Jews with the exception of one U.S. Negro. Two hundred and sixty-five of the Jews come from the Lower East Side of New York." Source; ‘The Rulers of Russia’ Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.

Dr. Fahey also relates that even in 1935 the Central Executive of the Third international, which ruled Russia,

"consisted of 59 men, of which 56 were Jews. The other three, including Stalin, were married to Jewesses.” (ibid.)

Igniting the Flame of War

According to the occultist Rudolph Steiner (yes, him again), the actual causes of the war had been made so nefarious and complicated that Europeans were unable or just too lazy to seek the truth. As a direct result of this they became paralysed with fear. This fear created the poisonous climate into which the spark of war could be thrown. That spark, however, was thrown consciously. 

Ritual Manipulation

“...the events of the war could not be understood without taking into account the existence and activities of elite brotherhoods in the West—mostly of a Masonic or semi-Masonic nature—with a deep occult knowledge of the human being and of the evolution of consciousness. They abused this knowledge and put it at the service of special interest groups, one-sided national egoisms, in order to bring about far-reaching historical aims. These brotherhoods were masters at the grey (the media) and black (ritual) arts of manipulation, at long-range planning, networking of all kinds and, above all, ensuring the right people were in the right place at the right time.” Source

Thought Environments

The brotherhoods realise their plans over long periods of time and employ a certain cold-blooded detachment that is necessary to work with spiritual forces on the physical plane. They often make use of intermediaries to achieve their ends, pulling strings and obliterating their tracks; sometimes, in a kind of pseudo-Hegelian dialectic, they even deliberately set up counter-strategies that appear to cross their own paths, i.e. the opposite of what their representatives and puppets say they want. Through their direct or indirect control of the media they create thought ‘environments’ or atmospheres into which ideas can be seeded. They exploit to the full the fact that most people are inattentive most of the time. Occult ideas slip or are slipped into society by means of popular literature, TV and films.


Steiner emphasised the “need to be aware of rhetorical devices in the media and by public figures, their pictorial descriptions, use of images, intensifications and comparisons. For example the phrase “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” from 1789 was replaced by “Order, Duty, Justice!” in 1914. We should pay attention to the significance of names chosen by people for certain purposes and take note of what is done on particular days and under astronomical constellations which echo similar configurations in the past, calling forth unconscious or semi-conscious reactions in people. One needs to be aware that brotherhoods reckon with long periods of time; they set things going and leave them to develop. New leaders emerge to carry on predecessors’ impulses.” (Ibid.)​

The Grey Magic

Just as ‘poisons’ can be introduced into the body to create disease, Steiner believed that can they also be led and guided into the social organism to bring about sickness or virus — this is what he calls ‘the grey magic’ of the Press (today, ‘the Media’). In view of his statements that nothing is better for a person than real insight into how things work in the world and that what people think is far more important than what they do, the Media can with justification be called the real ‘drug dealers’ of the social world as they form and influence so many judgements on the basis of untruth, lies, sensationalism, distortion and prejudice. Source

In fact it’s evident that today this grey magic is being utilised in the extreme. The media have created a totally false reality by implanting a virus into the social organism which they have manipulated into a pandemic that they maintain through untruth, lies, sensationalism, distortion and prejudice. The knock-on effects of this are obvious for all to see. “One needs to be aware that brotherhoods reckon with long periods of time; they set things going and leave them to develop.”

Furthermore, why would it be that one specific candidate for the US presidential election had to be hated and despised by the entire world – not just the voters in the USA? Because what people think is far more important than what they do.

Could it be that certain elite groups within this world have known exactly how to make use of ‘the phenomena’ to achieve their objectives for a very very long time?​


“...there are individuals who, by some means or other, learn through the secret brotherhoods about the spiritual forces that exist and consciously misuse this knowledge for some other ends… I have often pointed out here that there are... lines of connection, via the most varied intermediate links, between the external world and the secret brotherhoods, and onwards from the secret brotherhoods to the spiritual world. To understand this rightly it is necessary to take into account that wherever human beings work with the help of spiritually effective forces, whether with good or evil intent, they have to reckon with long stretches of time... One characteristic of those who make use of spiritual forces is that very frequently… they have reasons for not wishing to appear on the stage of the physical plane. Instead they make use of intermediaries through whom certain plans can be realized... Someone who is intent on influencing people, someone who, as an occultist, is not entirely scrupulous, can indeed gain power over people in this way.

Jesuit Masons

“It is necessary sometimes ...that certain things become confused, so that certain tracks are covered up, and other things are lost in an impenetrable thicket. This is very important …I could point to a place in Europe where so-called Freemasonry, so-called secret societies, had a great influence at a certain time... It was then necessary to obliterate the tracks at this point. So a certain Jesuit influence was brought to play so that the Masonic and Jesuit influences met; for there are higher instances, ‘empires’, which can quite well make use of both Masons and Jesuits in order to achieve what they want to achieve through the collaboration of the two. Do not believe that there can be no individuals who are both Jesuit and Freemason.

Archduke Ferdinand of Austria just before his Assassination

Archduke Ferdinand of Austria just before his Assassination

The Focal Point for Powerful Forces

“one of the main causes of today’s painful events [1917} is the fear in which the whole world was drenched, ...That soul [Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria] was connected in a certain particular way with this aura of fear. Therefore that violent death was in no way merely an external affair...​

[F: The assassination by one of the ‘secret brotherhoods’ of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was used as the spark to ignite WWI.]

“What rose up as the soul of Franz Ferdinand into the spiritual worlds became a focal point for very strong, powerful forces, and much of what is now happening is connected with the very fact that a unique transition took place between life and so-called death, so that this soul became something quite different from what other souls become.​

“...there was something present before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that became different after that event.​

[Makes you wonder about other assassinations – JFK, John Lennon, Lady Diana, etc., etc. Also, consider this in relation to what was mentioned earlier – the need to have one specific candidate for the 2020 US presidential election hated and despised by the entire world. Did this make him the Focal Point for Powerful Forces?]

Manufactured Thought-Forms

“...forces are at work which are being managed by human beings for certain ends, by means of utilizing the passions and feelings of nationality, which have, however, in their turn first been manufactured. This is most important. Many attempts fail. But account is taken of long periods of time and of many possibilities. Above all, account is taken of how little inclination people have to pay attention to the wider—the widest, contexts.

Your Country Wants You to Suffer and Die

Your Country Wants You to Suffer and Die Source

Guiding Poisonous Effects

“...poisons work as actual substances in the human organism, so do they also work spiritually in social life. And in social life it is possible to guide and lead them. What is grey magic really? Grey magic is nothing other than the guiding of poisonous effects in such a way that they cause damage and bring about sickness in the social sense.” Source: The Karma of Untruthfulness, Secret Societies, the Media, and Preparations for the Great War, Volume 1. Thirteen lectures given in Dornach and Basel between 4 and 31 December 1916, Rudolph Steiner.)

You can almost forgive him for the “suffering is connected with the highest in man” quote in the first section… nah, maybe not.

Religion Revisited​

Is there any evidence that the ‘spiritual forces’ or their human co-conspirators were involved in the foundation of the Abrahmic religions? Whilst it’s clear that neither the Hebrew Bible nor the New Testament are reliable historical records, can anything be deduced from those texts and also the Nag Hammadi Codices?

[Update Nov. 2022: We have since developed our views regarding the chronology and authenticity of the Old and New Testaments. However, the scenario presented below is unaffected by this. Please see 'The Dark Earth Chronicles' for clarification]

The Priest of Zadok

The idea of Jewish kingship in the Old Testament seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere with King Saul. When the next one, David, handed over to King Solomon, he said,

“Call [to] me Zadok, the priest, and Nathan, the prophet, and anoint him there [Solomon] king of Israel… And Zadok, the priest, took a horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon." l Kings l:34,39)

This Zadok character is quite a mystery. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to associated him with the hereditary priesthoods of Benjamin, Aaron, and Levi. Zadok was from the same priestly line as Melchizedek, the King of Salem. He is another shadowy figure who pre-dates Abraham and was the one who chose Abraham to be the ‘press-agent’ for Yahweh. It was also actually Melchizedek who made the Covenant with the Jews and declared them to be the ‘Chosen People.’

"And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought forth [to Abraham] bread and wine; and he was the priest of the most high" Gen. L4:18

It’s from this meeting that the Christian sacrament of bread and wine originated. 


Here again we have the same dilemma, did Melchizedek chose the Israelites or the Jews? One is a race of people, the other is a religious group. To question the choice of ‘the Israelites’ as the supreme creator’s choice to represent him to all the nations of the earth and fulfill his plan, would be declared racist – but no, wait a minute, it would be declared anti-Semitic... even though it clearly isn’t. For the creator God to favour one group of his people and place them above all others is anti-human.

After this episode, Melchizedek disappears. His title, "King of Salem," relates to the future site of Jerusalem. His name, Melchi-Zedek, incorporates the Sumerian root melki-, which means "prince," "divine inheritor", giving "prince of righteousness." The Hebrew ‘zedek’ is a variation of zadok, also spelled tsedeq, tzaddik and zaddik. The name Zadok is related to the Hebrew ‘zado,’ which gives, "the just one," or "the righteous." Examples are Daniel the Just in the Old Testament and James the Just, brother of Jesus, in the New Testament.


Revealed from behind the curtain, like the Wizard of Oz, Melchizedek is handed sacrificial
offerings – a miniature sheep (maybe) and a child. A hand reaches down from above.
Note the symbol of the Cross on the altar (centre of the circles.) Source

The Zaddik Cult

In a lose sense the zaddik is simply a better human being, judged by his obedience to God, but in the strict sense it is someone who meets a standard of purity and perfection that is superhuman. (The same ideology of a superior superhuman ‘Aryan’ race would appear once again thousands of years later as the arch enemy of the Chosen People.) This was, or even is, the nature of the Zadok priesthood who were the arbitrators of the Covenant between the Israelites and Yahweh. The divine mission of Yahweh’s chosen people concealed something even darker. At its core was Melchizedek’s Zaddik cult. Their ideology is preserved in the scrolls found at Qumran near the Dead Sea in 1947.

“Some of the material is written in code, and key documents such as the Community Rule use code names for various people such as the Teacher of Righteousness, the Messiah, the Wicked Priest, the Sons of Zadok, the Kittim and the Man of Lies. Different people enact these roles over seven or eight generations. The Zaddikim saw themselves acting out a pre-written script, a historical plot that reflected, so they believed, the providence of God the Father. Curiously, the twists and turns of the plot were not always favourable to the righteous few who starred in God's epic historical drama.” Source: ‘Not in His Image,’ John Lamb Lash.​

The interesting points about this are:

  • The acting out of a pre-defined role over many generations. As will be shown later, this acting or personal disassociation, is significant.
  • That the pre-defined plot sometimes seemed to go against the goal of the drama. This behaviour was described by Rudolph Steiner in relation to the long-term agenda of ‘the brotherhoods.’
Abraham is ‘Blessed’ by Melchizedek

Abraham is ‘Blessed’ by Melchizedek Source

The Covenant Drama

The narrative of the drama is what you would expect, the Teacher of Righteousness would command The Messiah to lead the Sons of Zadok to overthrow whoever was standing between them and the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel (i.e. the Kittim). The really weird thing is that the drama has the failure of this goal built into it in the form of the Man of Lies and the Wicked Priest. The role of the Man of Lies, also called the Scoffer, the Spouter, and the Man of Mockery, is to infiltrate the Covenant, (as the inner circle of the cult called itself) and turn against it, thereby leading many Israelites astray. The role of the Wicked Priest is to be the head of the Sadducees at the Jerusalem temple, who were the opposition to the fanatical ideals of the Zaddokite Teacher of Righteousness. This isn’t just controlled opposition, it’s controlled defeat as well!

The spell of this ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario will only be broken by the end-time battle, which would take place on a worldwide basis. The Messiah and the Sons of Zadok will be assisted by the ‘celestial host’ led by ‘The Nasi,’ who is Melchizedek in the role of supernatural avenger. This is God vs Belial, the Children of Light vs the Children of Darkness, the main event, the Zaddokite end-level boss, just before the final apocalyptic curtain comes down and the end credits roll. A walkthrough in glorious technicolour is available in the Qumran DSS War Scroll.

The ‘rank and file’ of the Israelite community believed that accepting the role of the Chosen People meant that Israel could strive to be an exemplary nation within the world, rather than being alienated from it or against it. However, the narrative presented in the Hebrew Bible and indeed, ‘history’ itself, illustrates how they have constantly been driven into conflict with the world. Unfortunately, this was all part of the plan as shown above. 

The Righteous Few

The historian Josephus author of ‘The Jewish Wars' wrote,

“As much as the Jews believed that Yahweh would save them, he consistently refused to do so, and the greater their longing, the worse their suffering."​

“All through Jewish history a palpable, agonized tension plays between these two elements: the stated aim to establish an Israelite political kingdom for the people, and the hidden aim of a righteous few whose standard of superhuman purity alienated them from the very community that sheltered them.” Source: ‘Not in His Image,’ John Lamb Lash

Update 2022: Please note, Israel was one of the first countries to impose compulsory anti-covid vaccinations upon its own citizens.

Pawns in the Game

John Allegro, the noted DSS scholar and also John Lamb Lash, both consider that the Israelites in general were merely pawns in the game and the true Chosen People were the Covenant – the inner circle of the Zaddokite movement – and they were the only ones who would be saved by Nasi (Melchezedek) after the final battle. Furthermore, the Covenant constantly reminded the Israelites that they had failed in their responsibility to carry out Yahweh’s divine plan and were therefore sinners and that all their misfortunes were punishment from God. This, naturally, imprinted a masochistic persecution complex into the Jewish psyche which continues to this day, but the cards were always deliberately stacked against them right from the start.

Let’s not forget the previously mentioned ‘Aryan’ race who in their Nazi (Nasi?) guise had the declared aim of establishing a political kingdom for the Germanic people “and the hidden aim of a righteous few whose standard of superhuman purity alienated them from the very community that sheltered them.” That drama also had the failure of the goal built into it. What was Adolf Hitler’s role? The Messiah makes the most sense, in fact he was often referred to as the ‘Nazi Messiah.’ Who was the Man of Lies, was it Herman Hess or Martin Boorman? It was the same plot as the Covenant Drama just with a different theatrical company and location (20th century Germany) with the Chosen People type-cast in their usual role as the persecuted victims. The association of ‘The Phenomena’ with the establishment and rise of the NSDAP in Germany is difficult to deny.

Celestial UFOs

Dead Sea Scroll fragment 4Q385, relates the adventures of Ezekiel in the ‘merkabah’ or celestial chariot… or UFO. The Zaddikites believed that a whole fleet of these UFOs piloted by ‘angels’ would rescue them at the last moment during the final battle. In Ezekiel 37 of the OT, Yahweh promises to literally raise his people from their graves and lead them back to Israel. I would like to point out at here that nowhere in the Bible are angels described as having wings – why would they need chariots to fly about in if they could use their wings?

The Destruction of Jerusalem

The concept of literal resurrection was a belief of the Maccabees – the Jewish revolutionaries who were revolting at exactly the same time as the DSS material was supposedly being written. The two Books of Maccabees used to be at the end of the OT, but dropped off at some point. They describe five generations worth of severe political unrest in Palestine caused by what we would today call terrorism. The main and most extreme group of terrorists were the Zaddikim. This period of the same rigged drama being enacted over and over again with failure after failure, inevitably ended in one massive failure - the wholesale destruction of Jerusalem.

Change of tactics

Physical resurrection, transportation to heaven, God the Father’s active role in history, the final battle against Evil, Judgment Day, divine retribution – this is the never ending ultra-righteous drama of the Covenant. The Zaddikim may have been defeated after the destruction of Jerusalem, but the Covenant lived on in Roman Christianity – if you can’t beat the Kittim, co-opt them.

The standard roles within the Covenant drama were modified to better facilitate their appeal to a new European audience. The most appropriate first audience was, quite literally, the captive one – the slaves. The gentle Jesus was promoted to the downtrodden slave community with a familiarly bolshevik communistic image, promising them a spectacular salvation from their persecution.

Co-opt and Infiltrate

In order to gain sympathy with the masses, the Messiah role took on a more mystical characteristic with Jesus the magician, miracle worker, healer – a familiar shamanic characteristic. In this manner, Jesus could be sold on the basis that he was just an updated version of the old gods.

This concept is further developed in the more recent articles:
A Quest for the Lost Realm of Faërie
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The Conversion of St. Paul

 The Conversion of St. Paul Source

The Nazarene Party

Acts 24:5 describes the indictment of Paul before the Roman governor Felix (no relation) in Caesarea:

"For we have found this man a plague-carrier, and an agent of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ring-leader of the sect of the Nazarene party."​

DSS scholar Robert Eisenman has demonstrated that the ‘Nazarene’ doctrine has nothing to do with the village of Nazareth, but everything to do with the extremist ideology of the Zaddikim. However, Paul was not in the role of the Teacher of Righteousness or the Messiah – he was in fact the Man of Lies. [Insert dramatic sound effect - ”Da-Da-Daaaaa!] 

The Cast

In the role of the Teacher of Righteousness we had James the Just. Starring as the Messiah, his brother Jesus. James struggled against the betrayal of the Man of Lies who wanted to hijack the Messiah and turn him into the figurehead of his new religion, one that added a veneer of God’s love and grace onto the core ideology of the Covenant – Christianity. The Damascus Document of the DSS alludes to a time,

“When there arose a Scoffer,​
Who distilled for Israel deceptive waters,​
And caused them to go astray in the trackless wilderness.​
To suppress the old paths,​
So as to turn aside from the righteous ways”​

The traditional ‘Road to Damascus’ story (not the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby one) doesn’t make any sense. How could Paul or rather Saul of Tarsus, have been going to Damascus to persecute Christians when there weren’t any at that time. It’s a kind of Catch 22 - Paul created Christianity after he was converted.


Paul was clearly a one man task force who was sent in to root out terrorist groups, such as the Zealots (Zaddikim/Sons of Zadok.) The Romans frequently assisted him with troops and a personal guard. The head of the Sanhedrin (the Wicked Priest don’t forget) wanted the Zealots suppressed and also supported Paul. This is all clear even from Acts in the Bible.

This would indicate that Saul/Paul went to Damascus with the purpose of defeating the Covenant ‘cell’ that was based there. Instead, something happened to turn things around 180 degrees. Who knows if his vision of the luminous figure was similar to later ones at Lourdes, Fatima, etc.? Maybe there was no vision involved and his stay with Ananias was enough to convert him? It was certainly enough to make him change his name, which is something else to bear in mind for later.

Double Agent

Acts 4 relates how the Zealots were so outraged at Paul going around preaching the Covenant’s doctrines to all and sundry that 50 of them went on a fast until he had been murdered and another 12 threw their rattles out of their prams in a temper (sorry, couldn’t resist.) The Romans continued protecting him though as the knowledge he possessed regarding the Covenant's activities made him a useful double-agent… until that is, they decided to execute him. However, in the meantime Paul’s new religion, which was in fact nothing new at all being the doctrine and agenda of the Melchizedek cult, spread among the slave population.

Melchizedek, Supernatural Avenger

Melchizedek, Supernatural Avenger Source

The Overlord

The resurrection of Jesus resonates with the supernatural, deathless status of Melchizedek. In Hebrews 7, Paul asserts that Melchizedek is the power behind Christ and reveals that he [Melchizedek] is,

"without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life."​

We also discover that the priesthood of Melchizedek overrules and cancels out the traditional priesthoods of Levi and Aaron, thus freeing Christianity from its Jewish roots.


This eternal drama with its built-in failures and destructive consequences, certainly rings true if we look at what we call ‘our history.’ William Shakespeare (whoever he really was) said,

“All the world’s a stage,​
And all the men and women merely players,​
They have their exits and their entrances.”​

In his version, “this strange eventful history” ends in “mere oblivion.” Upon reflection, this unfortunately makes about as much sense as the apocalyptic nightmare of the cult of Zaddik or the fanaticism of the Aryan Race. Perhaps the mistake is to look for, or even expect there to be any sense involved. The Phenomena supports the script because its essence is the script as we shall see...

[Update Nov. 2022: Let's also not rule out the possibility that the whole thing is a drama in every sense of the word.]

Felix Noille


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