Felix Noille on the Mudflood and Reset Meme

Both Will and I have been participating members of Stolenhistory.net, which was supposed to be the reincarnation of the original Stolenhistory.org of which I was also a member. I ran into problems with the new forum’s Administrators over inconsistent moderation, plus related issues and left at around Christmastime 2020. Will joined in March of 2021 as the result of a wager to see if he could manage to last longer than I did.

At around the time Will joined, a video documentary project was being proposed. The first video was billed as featuring beginner friendly topics that offer a good introduction – presumably to the concept of stolen and alternative history in general. It was also stated that the plan was for a series of videos. Time passed and the first video appeared. It was generally well received and gave a broad representation of the topics discussed in the forum.

The second video of the series was totally different, however. It was no longer representative of the forum in a general sense, but instead promoted a specific theory – the global cataclysmic mudflood and reset. This was alleged to have happened between 1700 and 1850 with all history prior to that having been fabricated after the reset. The team behind the production of the video were not all forum members. This video did not receive the same universally warm welcome as the first. Will was one of its severest critics. Discussion over the video led to the the beginning of a schism within the forum.

The third and latest (as of Feb. 2022) video in the series continued the global cataclysmic mudflood and reset theme, although in the meantime its time-frame had shifted to between 500 and 800 years ago – the 13th and 15th centuries. This video concentrated on the World’s Fairs of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was claimed that all of the buildings used for these events were remnants from the civilisation that existed before the mudflood and reset and that they were deliberately destroyed afterwards.

Although the schism within the forum widened and many older members either ceased to participate or abandoned the place altogether, the publication of the videos on the YouTube platform had attracted new YouTubian-style members and a ‘meme’ was born. This was just one factor that assisted in the marginalisation of the remaining active ‘non-believers’, the rest is too complex and inflammatory to mention here. Suffice it to say that the situation has now reached a point where Will’s continued participation in Stolenhistory.net has become pointless and futile.

The general theory around the worldwide cataclysmic mudflood and reset are quite vague and ill-defined. Some claim that the event was caused as the result of a war or wars. Others claim it to be a cyclic natural disaster. A few point towards a supernatural or alien cause, which includes ‘advanced technology’. The reset part of the equation is equally unspecific and opinions as what exactly constitutes a reset are many and varied. The features of the underlying meme are:

  • The Mud – that by some means the world was flooded in mud up to approximately the height of at least one or two storeys of a normal building;
  • The Cover-up – all knowledge of the cataclysm and in particular the previous civilisation, had to be eradicated;
  • The Enslavers – the reconstruction of civilisation was organised and controlled by a group who’s objective was / is the total control and enslavement of humanity;
  • The Historical Fantasy – the history of the entire world up to the point of the reset had to be created and all of the appropriate documentation forged to support it.

It should be mentioned that before the dating of the cataclysm was changed to 500-800 years ago the ‘Orphan Train’ phenomena was also, for some, an integral part of the overall scenario. However, the relocation back to earlier centuries has circumvented its involvement and saved the monumental task of explaining how the railway network was rehabilitated following the cataclysm. It’s relocation enables its possible association or confusion with the Great Plague and the Little Ice Age, both supposedly responsible for much death and suffering. Of course, the inimitable Tartaria meme is also associated with this mudflood and reset one.

Before discussing this any further, I would like to point out that neither Will nor I support the official versions of history. I hope that is self-evident from the articles we have created on this website. However, we do have some serious issues with the theories outlined above. 

The Mud

Yes, there are photographs showing what appear to be buildings that have either subsided into the ground or been inundated by silt ot mud. There are some cities that have been constructed on top of older complexes. There are many possible explanations for this. For example, height restrictions on the construction of buildings in order to preserve viewpoints of monuments or symbols of power and control – such as occurred with the State Capitol Building in ‘Olympia’, Washington, USA. Under such circumstances as these extra space would be gained through the construction of a basement level. In the UK it was once normal practise to define plot boundaries of roadside buildings as extending to the middle of the road. This was also encouragement for the construction of basements that extended under the road in front of the edifice. Of course subsidence and localised mudfloods are also a possibility, but as evidence for a worldwide cataclysm that totally destroyed an entire civilisation it’s not convincing.

Such an event would leave obvious and undeniable evidence in the geological record, such as that from the Arctic Circle where, at some point in the past, one-seventh of the world’s land surface was covered in ‘Muck’ – a dark soil containing decomposed animal and vegetable matter… mud in other words. Russian geologists have in some places drilled through 4,000 feet (1220 m ) of muck without hitting solid rock. In Alaska oil companies have core samples from their drilling operations showing that the muck arrived all at once, not in stages and they discovered an ancient tropical forest in a frozen, not petrified state, at between 1,100 (335 m) and 1,700 feet (518 m) down. There are palm trees, pine trees and tropical foliage in great profusion. In fact, they found them lapped over each other, just as though they had been crushed into that position. The sources for this information can be found in this article.

Had a similar event taken place between 500 and 800 years ago on a worldwide scale, although with less depth of mud, it would have left behind a similar ‘fingerprint’ in the geological record. There would be a layer of crushed vegetation containing human and animal remains plus any objects that were lying around and above that there would be a thick layer of mud lying beneath the normal sediment accumulated during the last 500 – 800 years. This configuration would be universal over the entire world, but as far as I am aware it has never been found anywhere.

The obvious question is where did the mud come from. In the case of the Arctic Circle event, the Muck occupies treeless, generally flat terrain, with no surrounding mountains from which the muck could have eroded or been carried down by erosion or liquefaction. In the case of the alleged mudflood and reset event of 500 – 800 years ago, it’s as much a question of where did it all go as where did it come from.

Will has asked the question more than once, as to why so much of Stolenhistory.net’s focus, energy and resource has been expended upon this one theory and what importance is has above any of the other the stolen / alternative history topics. The only reasonable response he received was that “many people” believe it to be cyclical event, therefore knowing when the next occurrence is due will be vital to the survival of humanity enabling it to be prepared.

For this ‘cyclic event’ theory to be proven it would require the identification of three individual previous events in a reasonably precise manner. There seems to be enough of a problem identifying the most recent event, never mind two additional earlier ones. This theory suggests that the mudflood and reset event is something designed into the fabric of the universe whereby all Earthly life is destroyed on a regular basis. If you subscribe to the official astronomical concept of the universe, then this could suggest a comet or something like Niburu, which is well overdue by now. I wonder how mud behaves in space? The other option for this is that it forms part of a divine plan whereby God destroys all he has created and starts again, just as in the Biblical flood.

This cyclical aspect also assumes that unless humanity is prepared for the cataclysm, it will not survive and yet it appears that, assuming there was a previous one, people all over the world did survive, otherwise we would not be here now talking about it. Does this mean that the people of the previous Old World civilisation – our direct ancestors – were prepared for the cataclysm or that it simply didn’t occur?

If the mudflood wasn’t an ‘Act of God’ but instead due to war, then by the definition of the theory itself whatever unimaginable weapon caused the cataclysm, it also must have affected those who used it as much as those who were its target. If war and acts of God are dismissed as possibilities for the cause of the mudflood then the door is opened for supernatural or ‘aliens with advanced technology’ scenarios. Establishing definitive proof of these, rather than mere speculation, would be extremely difficult and probably best left until after the worldwide mudflood and reset are proven to be facts.

The Cover-up

In view of the huge variety of indigenous peoples located all over the world today it seems reasonable to assume that not everyone was killed in the alleged mudflood cataclysm. It’s also clear that the survivors would have retained their memories of the pre-cataclysmic world and the cataclysm itself. Passing it on to their offspring would have been a natural process that could only be educated out of society some considerable time later when it had recovered enough to establish an education system that was available to all. In terms of indigenous traditions, such as the commonality of much older deluge events in some cultures, mudfloods don’t seem to feature.

If we examine the World’s Fairs proposal as an example of covering-up the Old World civilisation, as featured in the latest documentary, then the shift backwards in the timeline for the cataclysmic mudflood hasn’t done the overall theory any favours. The World’s Fairs began in 1851 with the Great Exhibition in London’s Hyde Park. Will and I have been researching the London Crystal Palaces for years trying and failing to prove that they weren’t constructed when and how it is commonly claimed, but that’s another story for a separate article.

If the mudflood cataclysm occurred between 500 and 800 years ago and if the buildings used in the World’s Fairs were actually from the pre-cataclysmic Old World, then they must have been between at least 329 and 629 years old in 1851. They must have also survived the mudflood undamaged. Photographs of later World’s Fairs show the buildings in absolutely pristine condition and also in a conveniently arranged configuration, perfect for the purpose of housing various exhibitions within a Fair.

The adherents of the mudflood and reset theory interpret the fact that most of these buildings were destroyed after the exhibitions and that they were constructed in a very short space of time, as proof that they were pre-existing and therefore considered to be dangerous evidence that had to be eradicated. This seems quite illogical given that the World’s Fair events were designed to attract visitors from far and wide who would obviously notice the buildings. It would make more sense to destroy the buildings before anyone noticed them rather than encourage visitors to look at them first.

There is evidence and research (available in the Stolenhistory.net archive) to show that the buildings used in these events were designed to be temporary. This is another perfectly valid explanation as to why they were able to be constructed in a short space of time and why they were destroyed afterwards. Rather than being from the Old World, they were more akin to the buildings used in a ‘Movie Lot’ or ‘Film Set’. 

New Zealand parliament building

The New Zealand Parliament building... mudflooded?

South African parliament building

The South African parliament building... Tartarian?

Canadian parliament building

The Canadian parliament building... pre-existing?

The Crystal Palace in South London 1911

The Crystal Palace in South London, 1911

ALL of the public domain images above are from the 1911 Festival of Empire held at The Crystal Palace in London
(Please note: NOT the Hyde Park, Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, but what was reconstructed from it at Sydenham Hill in 1854.)
ALL of the buildings were constructed from timber and plaster. They were destroyed after the exhibition. 
If they were pre-existing and from a pre-cataclysmic civilisation, then it must have been comprised of very small people, as the buildings were all three-quarter scale.

The Enslavers and The Historical Fantasy

These two features are best dealt with together. Consider this:

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are not a demon or an alien, but a human being – which should hopefully be quite easy. Let’s also pretend that you lived in the 14th century and were part of a group that wanted to enslave humanity and exert total control over it. You survived a worldwide catastrophic mudflood that maybe you caused or maybe you didn’t have anything to do with, but which, in either case, has brought civilisation to a complete standstill – literally. Such means of communication as were existing at the time are now totally destroyed and the mud prevents you from travelling, so you have no means of contacting your fellow group members. What was your main priority at that point in time I wonder? Making contact with the group or staying alive?

How long do you suppose it would be before you could secure your own situation, before conditions had been rectified to the point where communication and travel was possible, thus enabling you to make contact with the group? Bear in mind that this group would need to be influential worldwide – or at least throughout the ‘known world’ at that time.

It’s a rhetorical question really as there is no way of answering it. Anyway, let’s assume that eventually you were able to make contact and the group reorganised itself and set its fiendish plan in motion. Ler’s pretend that you were a prominent member of the group responsible for decision making. At a top-level meeting you are presented with two options of how to proceed in order to obtain your goals.

The first option is to eradicate all evidence of the mudflood cataclysm. Memories of the cataclysm and the previous civilisation must also be eradicated. The entirety of existence up to the then present day must be replaced with fiction. We can take for granted the obvious installation of all the systems we still loathe even to this day. Let’s call this the Scriptwriter option.

The second option is to portray the previous civilisation as having been corrupted and that the warring factions unleashed the cataclysm that destroyed everything. We could call this the ‘Atlantis Option’. Once again, we can take for granted the installation of all the systems of financial and social control.

Before you make any decision, “many people” believe that the Old World was run on some manner of free energy produced by technology that has been suppressed as part of the Reset process. Most of the evidence for this comes from old photographs taken between the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. The actual processes involved are highly theoretical and there are no photographs available from the 14th century. However, if you insist that the ‘Antiquitech’ element should be a factor in your decision then it would be effectively suppressed in the Scriptwriter option. The Atlantis option, could also be equally effective if the technology was blamed for the destruction of civilisation and thus demonised and outlawed.

If you choose the Scriptwriter option then you should be aware that it requires the creation of an entire world history from the beginning of time up until the 14th or probably 15th century, including all of the documentation and written material necessary to support the new history. This doesn’t just include (handwritten) paper documentation, but also clay tablets, papyrus, hieroglyphics and also inscriptions on stone monuments and tablets. It would be vital that continuity is maintained across all the individual fictitious histories of every culture – for example when the Greeks interact with the Egyptians each event must be corroborated by their respective false historical accounts. The details of battles between warring factions must coincide precisely within the fabricated histories of both sides, including location, date, duration and result. Obviously this would require a complete knowledge of every written language throughout the known world and the invention of dead languages, including hieroglyphic ones.

All religions would require the fabrication of their respective mythologies and documentation to support them. The early history of the Christian religion for example, would require the invention of all the Saints and careful arrangement and coordination of their lives and deeds so that they coincide with all other fictitious events they came into contact with throughout the known world, with each false account of those events confirming the Saint’s involvement. The Old Testament, New Testament, Koran, Torah, Talmud and the Indian Vedas would all require individual scripts handwritten in their appropriate languages and upon the correct medium. The mythology of the fictitious pre-Abrahamic beliefs would also require fabrication and need to be included in the false narratives of the fake organised religions that replaced them.

The fake thousands of years research and development relating to Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine would also require virtually over-night creation and fabrication along with its inclusion in all of the other fake histories.

On the other hand, of course, you could choose the Atlantis option. This doesn’t require any of the hard work outlined above. Your group would be free to establish its New World Order and whatever organised religions it fancied. They could even keep some of that antiquitech secret for their own personal use, if that forms part of your particular worldview.

Who in their right mind would choose the Scriptwriter option?


In conclusion then: the worldwide Mudflood is by no means a certainty; the cover-up of the cataclysm and the previous civilisation are dubious; the Reset by the Enslavers and their creation of all previous history is illogical and there is no evidence for it having occurred between 1700 and 1850 timeline as illustrated by Will in his article ‘Accommodating the Mudflood and Reset'.

As with all of these popular memes, there are some grains of ‘truth’ to be found, but their main purpose is to serve as distractions and create division within the field of serious research into our past. It's just another symptom of the general malaise that currently has the world mesmerised.

UPDATE:  Please see ‘The Dark Earth Chronicles' for the latest revelations on this topic.

Felix Noille


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