Accommodating the Mudflood & Reset
in the Anno Domini Timeline

If you're reading this then the chances are you are already familiar with the ‘Mudflood' and ‘Reset? theories that abound within the stolen history ‘community'. Even Felix and I got carried away with the idea some years ago when Sylvie Ivanova presented them on her YouTube channel as part of the ‘Survivors of Atlantis' series. Since then the topic has grown and diversified into all manner of permutations. 

The photographic evidence for the ‘Mudflood' or ‘Mudfloods' is copious and shows that credence, as well as beauty, is very much in the eye of the beholder. Images, such as the collection below are commonplace these days:

There are alternative (even Fortean) explanations for scenes such as these, but the purpose of this article is not to promote or defend the notion that at some point quantities of mud have had to be removed from around buildings at some time and for various reasons.

Complications arise when the second theory of ‘Reset' is added to the ‘Mudflood' scenario. Definitions as to exactly what constitutes a ‘Reset' vary considerably. For the sake of this discussion however, it will be taken to mean a total cessation of the social and administrative functions of civilisation and their subsequent replacement by a new regime with new systems. This is usually applied, or assumed, whenever the destruction of the ‘Old World' is discussed and its replacement by the ‘New World'. Furthermore, it is also assumed, that this type of ‘Reset' was worldwide.

The simultaneous worldwide nature of the ‘Mudflood' phenomena is difficult to prove either way, even though there are many photos of the phenomena from different parts of the world, but these are usually isolated instances. Evidence of the ‘Reset' (as defined above) is far more illusive. The tendency has been to combine this ‘Mudflood & Reset‘ into a single definitive world-changing event and to place its occurrence closer and closer to our own time. In the case of the branded documentary on their Youtube channel it was defined as being at some point between 1700 and 1850.

"Sometime between 1700 and 1850, a worldwide cataclysm occurred by which the unified culture broke apart and most knowledge about free energy and high culture was lost. People were collectively thrown into a dark age in which they began to focus on survival and experienced a period of suffering and deprivation." Source

However, when a version of this article appeared as a post on that forum, one of the (two) authors of the narrative claimed it to be just a “working theory." This article is about seeing if that theory and any others based within the Anno Domini timeline do actually “work."

The criteria for this would be evidence to show that at some point during the last 2000 years either the machinery of civilisation and society ground to a complete halt and then started again, or that a totally new system began and developed up to the present time - in other words evidence for the switch to or beginning of our current system.

Any worldwide cataclysm would not just decrease the activity within a civilisation, it would bring it to a full stop, therefore in a society such as ours which is based upon record keeping, accounting, legal statutes, deeds, testaments, registration certificates, records of ownership etc., ad nauseam, any cessation of activity would be blatantly obvious.

In fact (and I'm very grateful to member kd-755 for this) the outgoing civilisation probably had a completely different system that didn't require red-tape, bureaucracy or paperwork and so wouldn't leave any traces of its previous existence. In this case we should be able to easily trace the beginning of the current system by retracing its papertrail.

To that end I was recently researching in the UK’s National Archive:

“Discovery holds more than 32 million descriptions of records held by The National Archives and more than 2,500 archives across the country. Over 9 million records are available for download.”

Discovery | The National Archives

The records include the following information:

  • Army and militia
  • Births, marriages and deaths
  • Census and other national surveys
  • Civilian occupations
  • Courts, criminals and prisoners
  • Domestic politics
  • First World War
  • Maps
  • Medals and awards
  • Merchant Navy
  • Migration
  • Military courts and conscription
  • Prisoners of war
  • Royal Air Force and other air services
  • Royal Navy and Royal Marines
  • Second World War
  • Wills and death duties

For example the Wills and death duties section details the following information:

“These records are Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) wills in series PROB 11 made between 1384 and 12 January 1858.

“These PCC wills are all registered copy wills. They are the copies of the original probates written into volumes by clerks at the church courts.

“Until 12 January 1858 all wills had to be proved by the church and other courts. The PCC was the most important of these courts dealing with relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales.”

The information found in Wills and death duties records includes the following:

  • where they lived
  • name of person responsible for carrying out the wishes (executor)
  • date of will
  • witnesses to the will
  • chief beneficiaries

A search for all archives from the period 0001 to 1858 gives the following results: 

  • Dates unknown (2,390,293)
  • 1800 - 1899 (4,567,803)
  • 1700 - 1799 (3,078,393)
  • 1600 - 1699 (1,943,665)
  • 1500 - 1599 (678,077)
  • 1400 - 1499 (214,542)
  • 1300 - 1399 (215,156)
  • 1200 - 1299 (72,905)
  • 1100 - 1199 (13,994)
  • 1000 - 1099 (24,578)
  • 1 - 999 (64)


As can be seen from the above, there was a significant and incremental increase in public records from 1000 to 1899. As stated esrlier, one would expect the opposite, or at least a dramatic drop, or more likely a cessation of public records, if there had been a total collapse of society, or ‘reset’.

Are all of these archived records fake? How long would it take to forge 12,497,522 documents? Is there anywhere to accommodate a ‘reset’ in the above figures?

Personally, I think that any worldwide mudflood and total reset of society during the last 2000 years must have taken place during the 1000 year period that many claim has been added to the official timeline, because it doesn't seem to have left any scars on society itself, only on buildings in various places.

The period 0001 to 0999 is an obvious contender and fits in very nicely as the beginning of the papertrail for our current society/civilisation. The Dark Ages time period when funnily enough people "were collectively thrown into a dark age," is proving to be a very interesting one for stolen history research and could provide many answers if only people would dig their heads out of the mudflood.

That there was a cataclysmic event involving the deposit of an unimaginable quantity of geological ‘muck' or mud at some time in the past is unquestionable. It was also accompanied by an immediate flash-freeze. The physical evidence for this points to its epicentre being at the North Pole, extending throughout the Arctic Circle. Physical evidence also demonstrates that prior to this event the area in question had a tropical climate. There is also physical, geological evidence to indicate that this muck wasn't strictly confined to the Arctic Circle, but also affected other areas further south, although diminishing in effect the further it went.

As for its impact upon society in terms of a reset, this is much more problematic as whatever evidence remains of the previous civilisation has been converted into worldwide mythologies, fairy-tales, legends  and conspiracy theories. It is also difficult to know exactly what constituted ‘the world' at that time as the depositing of such vast quantities of ‘muck' in the Arctic inevitably had a significant impact upon sea levels throughout the rest of the world.

This speculation has already been discussed in the following article:
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Will Scarlet


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