Editorial Update March 2024

Dear Friends,

I am painfully aware of my own foibles when it comes to researching, writing up the evidence and then the preliminary conclusions. It’s a long process which results in prolonged gaps between publishing new articles. As Felix is regrettably no longer able to contribute as much as he did in the past, I have decided to change the way I present information.

Up to this point we have usually always worked towards a cohesive finalé – particularly with the multi-part series. However, ‘The Dark Earth Chronicles’ has been a true journey of discovery, one which is far from over. Furthermore, I really don’t know where or how it will end. I am constantly finding new avenues that demand to be explored, many of which turn out to be labyrinths wherein I find myself lost and of course, thoroughly distracted from what I was doing in the first place.

‘The Dark Earth Chronicles’ have and will continue to overlap and expand upon (not to mention possibly contradict) just about all of the existing articles on this website. For this reason and also mainly to reduce the gaps between publishing new articles, I have decided to concentrate upon one aspect at a time. Then, at some future date when I can see the journey’s end clearly, I will bring it all together in the final part of ‘The Dark Earth Chronicles.’

My recent involvement with the forum at stolenhistory.net has once again turned sour. Policy changes within the administration have resulted in the dismissal of yet another valued friend. My withdrawal from that forum will also free up more time that can be devoted to this website once again. I am also hopeful that I may be able to feature articles from ‘guest speakers’ who are refugees from stolenhistory.net.

Thank you all for your continued interest, which I hope to repay with dividends from now on.

Will Scarlet


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