Epilogue: Demonic Possession - The Covid Endgame?

It’s a little over a year since I first published the original ‘Demonic Possession - The Covid Endgame?' article. Now, it seems as if the Covid scamdemONic is gradually dying out in the same way as did the Spanish Flu episode. There are still some places where it’s in full assault mode and there’s still an abundance of  ‘New Normalism’. One country that’s badly affected is Peru, where recently one of their military generals called for open public rebellion to put an end to the tyranny being perpetrated against the Peruvian people. Coincidentally there has been a great deal of paranormal activity taking place in Peru – more than normal, which is saying something. In our “A Quest for the Lost Realm of Faërie” article Felix and I highlighted Peru as being a hotspot for dimensional portals and inter-dimensional manifestations and we made particular reference to an old-school radio show where normal people could call-in with their experiences. Well, that show was suddenly cancelled even though it was the most popular radio show not just in Peru, but in the surrounding countries as well. (Update Nov. 2022 - the host, Anthony Chow, now has a Youtube channel.) Is there a relationship between the increased paranormal activity, the extreme medical tyranny and the cancellation of the radio show I wonder?

It has been said, and not just by me, that the struggle taking place in our realm against the evil that is currently trying to destroy us (even more vigorously than it has been for the last 2000 years,) is also taking place in the realms that are just beyond our perception. Most people will dismiss this as nonsense or delusion because that’s the result of the past 2 millennia worth of enforced disconnection from our true nature, our instincts and the Web of Wyrd. We have lost all of that knowledge and now it’s only used against us – not just by the PTBs, but unwittingly by ourselves as well.

So what about this Endgame of Demonic Possession then? Are we now, one year later, seeing people possessed by demons running about all over the place? ‘No’, is probably the majority answer. However, it all depends upon your definition of “Possession” and “Demonic.” In just the same way that most aspects of our lives have been manipulated over the past 2000 years, we have been conditioned to respond in a specific manner to the term “Demonic Possession.” A “demon“ is anything supernatural or paranormal that isn’t God, Allah, Jesus or an angel. To be possessed by such a demon is to be owned by it, whereby it controls your thoughts and actions forcing you to behave in a demonic, un-godly, un-angelic way. It’s in this manner that the phrase “Demonic Possession” casts a spell over us. I freely admit that my incorporation of it into the title of the original article was in order to deliberately provoke that same reaction in the hope that it might persuade someone not to consent to the covid injections – like fighting fire with fire.

Having said that, I must explain that my understanding of “Demonic Possession” is very different to the preconditioned reaction described above.

We are all possessed. The state possesses our registered identity. The state possesses much of what we earn from the sweat of our brows. Some people are possessed by jealousy, rage, greed, ego, a persecution complex or a belief. “What possessed you?” is a common question or rather used to be before “WTF?”

Before everything supernatural became demonic, there were gods, spirits, gnomes, elves, fairies, etc. (even demons.) The early alchemists, such as Paracelsus, would declare these to be ‘elementals’ and / or animistic representations of the human psyche. If you find that easier to understand than entertaining the existence of the Fae, then so be it. Eris was the Greek ‘goddess’ of strife and discord, although she never had any temples and no one worshipped her. Most sources describe her as a personification rather than a traditional goddess. It seems that the ancient Greeks saw Eris as an unavoidable nuisance. In fact, when the other gods did try to avoid her she sparked off the Trojan War out of spite. As with most things, there is a positive and a negative side to Eris and her influence.

As well as this duality, the entire spectrum of shades and colours between white and black, or good and evil, are present within the general characteristics of the gods, spirits, etc.,  just as is the case with the people of our own realm. The labeling of all these entities and personifications as “Demonic” has been the work of organised religions.

Irish mythology features The Morrigan. A complex and powerful goddess of war, death and fate (Wyrd). She was also a prophetess and shape-shifter who had a triple aspect similar to the deities of many other cultures (including Christianity). Often in the form of a raven, or any bird of the CORVID species, she calls upon the warrior in all of us to rise up and take a stand. To fight for what we love, for truth and justice. Her strength and power have ‘possessed’ many great heroes of the past. 

Anyway, before getting any further away from the subject at hand, the point is that possession is a relative term – it ranges from mild inspiration to full-blown loss of control. Demonic-ness is also ‘in the eye of the beholder’ and demonic behaviour can be found amongst humans who have not had any help from, or been influenced by, demons.

Obviously then, no one has been intravenously injected with a demon.

So, what was I thinking of a year ago when I wrote this article? Was it just scare-mongering? There have been more ‘exposés’ concerning the ingredients and side-effects of the covid injections than you could shake a stick at since this article was first published and they are still coming even thicker and faster now. I don’t want to get into the specifics of these claims as you won’t have to go far to find them for yourself. There seems to be very little doubt that these experimental injections are highly dangerous, that they have identifiable side-effects that can be attributed to the specific manufacturer and that these side-effects are long-term, progressive and potentially fatal.

Have they caused demonic possession though? Well, if we use the conditioned definition of that term there is some evidence that people’s behaviour is altered for the worse, but of course, there’s no definitive proof linking the injections with demonic possession - as in the loss of mental and physical control to an evil entity. Even if it had been studied, it’s highly unlikely that it would be reported one way or the other. However, if we apply the broader definition of demonic possession then it’s a different story.

In purely practical terms, those people who have been unfortunate enough not to have received a placebo injection and who have manifested symptoms consistent with the known side-effects of the various manufacturer’s brands, their future well-being is in the possession of the relevant drug company. They are forever dependent upon further experimental treatment to enable them to cope with the side-effects and their future development. This is a form of possession, but is it demonic?

The virtually worldwide promotion of these experimental injections is unprecedented. In many places they have been given by force and coercion – Israel for example. There is still talk here in Spain of forcing them upon both the elderly and children - who are apparently asymptomatic carriers of the covid ‘virus’ and responsible for its continued spread. This weaponisation of influenza and its alleged prevention by equally weaponised, experimental injections is not something that could ever be described as benevolent. It is beyond any doubt malevolent. Its intention is demonic – evil.

We can only imagine what evil lies at the heart of this agenda, because all of the scapegoats we have been offered, like China for example, are nothing more than a smoke screen and because we are all such high-tech modern civilised clever-bastards, we couldn’t possibly entertain the naive, primitive notion that there are forces at work that exist and operate just beyond our oh-so sophisticated senses. You’re not supposed to even contemplate that there’s an evil at large that’s older than time itself and that’s constantly battling to affect the balance of good that keeps it in check, because you’ve been desensitised to it thanks to the likes of Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Any allies we may have had in the other realms have long since been exorcised and abandoned through our isolation from nature and our own true nature. They haven’t abandoned us though, they’re still fighting to restore the balance.

We are constantly reminded of the holocaust which is claimed to have taken place during WW2 in Germany. There are monuments everywhere, films, books and TV series. The WW2 holocaust was supposedly perpetrated by the Nazis – a relatively small political faction within the German population and the rest of the world has been making them pay ever since – ‘lest we forget!’ The covid holocaust has been perpetrated by governments and administrations worldwide. Who is going to make them pay?

The Germans have been making financial reparations ever since for the death of 6 million people just as the entire world has been paying in sympathy and guilt. Whether you believe it was real or another false testament doesn’t make any difference because it pales in comparison to the cold hard facts of the covid holocaust. How many millions have suffered and died from the weaponisation of influenza? How many more will die from it in the future? How many more millions have fallen victim to the weaponised treatment and how many will be living the rest of their lives full of suffering due to its after-effects?

Now that all of the major institutions worldwide have been infiltrated and controlled, who is going to erect monuments to the victims of the covid holocaust? Who will stand up and fight for the rights of the millions disabled by the experimental injections? Who’s going to stop these maniacs - Ghostbusters? Are we just supposed to keep praying like we have been for the past 2000 years? Is there anyone left who can hear the call of the Morrigan? More to the point, is anyone even listening? ...Apart from a general in Peru?

So, was the Endgame of the Covid scam really demonic possession? Yes, because unless we do something to stop it we will all be possessed by the demonic system that’s being imposed upon us. But it’s not just about possession, it’s also about dispossession. We have already lost so much of our humanity, our identity, our sense of connection to the natural world and our place within the wider spectrum of existence. If we don’t at least try and hear the call of the Morrigan and allow her to inspire us and give us the strength to fight for our freedom and for justice in whatever way we can, no matter how seemingly insignificant, then this won’t just be the Covid Endgame, it will be the end of everything.

Will Scarlet


Offline Website Creator