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Felix and Will

Both Felix and Will have been researching esoteric historical matters since the mid 1970's when, due to family connections, they were given the option to become Freemasons as Lewis', in their jargon or “at an early age" to us normal folk. They both refused to join until someone told them exactly what they were getting into, but of course, nobody would. They therefore determined to find out for themselves and subsequently became sure they had made the right decision not to join at any age.

During the 80's they found that the research they had accumulated was relevant to the new subversive movement created by the publication of books (such as ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' and later ‘The Black Alchemist',) that began to question the official version of history and indeed, reality itself.

Initially this website was an archive of all, if not most, of the articles that have been published elsewhere, although many have been updated. Much new material has been published here and we will continue to post new articles, so if you would like to be informed as and when this occurs then please use the Contact form.

This site is very much ‘home made' so please excuse any errors or lack of compliance with different devices.

Thank you for your attention and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Felix Noille & Will Scarlet


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