Los Angeles Smog – A Convenient Truth

“In 1542, a tiny armada of two ships sailed up the California coast, flying the flag of Spain. On board were two-to-three-hundred men, including seamen, soldiers, merchants, and Indian and African slaves.” Source

It was the 8th October, 1542 when captain, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, found himself off the coast of what would later become Los Angeles. His mission had been to search for the legendary Seven Cities of Gold and the Northwest Passage. Surviving documented history doesn’t record whether he was passing Santa Monica Bay or San Pedro Bay. (Wikipedia doesn’t mention the event at all.) What he saw impressed him so much that he made the first written observations of the Southland wherein he named the area “Baja de los Fumos” – The Bay of Smoke.

Unless the local Indians were driving around in V8s at the time, the cause of the smoke or smog, can’t have been due to toxic exhaust emissions.

“...it was smoke emanating from the dozens of Tongva Indian villages that dotted the coastal plain and inland valleys, rising in wispy columns only to flatten out against an invisible ceiling.

“That invisible ceiling was formed by a persistent meteorological phenomenon that continues to threaten Angelenos' lungs: temperature inversion.

“A product of the Southland's topography and its prevailing weather patterns, the inversion layer forms when ocean breezes draw cool marine air onshore beneath a mass of warmer air above. Held in place by the mountains that shelter Los Angeles on the north and east, the cool air then stabilizes, unable to rise through the warm air above.

“In essence, the inversion layer acts as an atmospheric lid, trapping whatever pollutants—whether automobile exhaust fumes or smoke particulates—happen to rise from the ground below. On average, an inversion ceiling hovers over Los Angeles 260 days a year. (It's also responsible for the city's "June Gloom" marine layer.)” Source

Reenactors pose with a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Reenactors pose with a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who commanded the first Spanish exploration of the California coast Source

The native Indians also practised forest management by burning excess dry brushwood and shrubland in order to prevent forest fires and promote grassland. This could also explain what captain Cabrillo and his crew witnessed. This forest management was something the colonists who settled the area later failed to learn from the Indians.

Obviously, given the geographic and climatic features of the Los Angeles area, smog was inevitable regardless of its source. The establishment of industry and transportation in the valley produced the expected results that have since become world famous. By the 1940s Los Angeles was smothered in its own excrement, so to speak. Shortly afterwards the war against air pollution began. The selected culprit was the internal combustion engine and the fuels they burned.

“Sacramento intervened in 1959 and set up the California Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board, which later became the Air Resources Board, and set the first ozone limit: 150 parts per billion of the pollutant in a cubic meter of air, more than double today’s federal standard.

So began the pattern of California setting the tone for pollution regulation in the United States.

California has always played this role of dragging the rest of the country along behind itSource

Not just the country – the entire world!

Los Angeles in 1958​

Los Angeles in 1958 Source

“In 1967, Congress — in defiance of auto industry lobbyists — codified California’s ability to set stricter emissions standards than the federal government. The state’s bipartisan delegation had argued that because California’s problem was so severe and its regulations so advanced, it should be allowed to go its own way. The waiver was born.” Source

From that point onward California gained more and more control over the car industry and oil companies. They began dictating car design and it affected the whole world, not just Los Angeles or rather The Bay of Smoke.

Meanwhile they were busy deindustrialising the area:

“All of the major employers in South Central LA and the industrial areas to the east pulled up stakes and moved, deepening entrenched poverty in the area.” Source

Of course, no one mentioned this in the media where the focus was firmly on the internal combustion engine. The resulting easing of the smog situation was instead attributed to the regulations against cars – cars specifically.

1966 LA. The inversion ceiling’s day off

In 1966 it was OK to drive around LA like this... (in a British MGA)
How come? Obviously it was the inversion ceiling’s day off. Source

It wasn’t long before all of this gave birth to Global Warming and later Climate Change. Once again this was all driven from California where the severe forest fires were deemed to be the result of global warming.

“Back in the 1950s, the wildfires up and down the state mainly burned dry brush, grass and dead foliage, not homes and small towns.

“But in the last 70 years, as California’s population exploded, we’ve built hundreds of thousands of new houses where they shouldn’t be.

“Today wildfires still happen in the same places they used to, but the difference now is that hundreds of homes get destroyed.

“If you’re living in a rural or suburban area with a million dead trees around you and a wildfire starts from dry lightning, a downed PG&E power line or an arsonist, don’t be an AOC and blame global warming.

Blame government stupidity.” (Source by the son of Ronald Reagan believe it or not.) 

The San Gabriel Mountains on fire in 1924

The San Gabriel Mountains on fire in 1924 Source

Stupidity or was it all simply a part of the wider agenda? You can read all sorts of excuses and allegations of corruption, incompetence, etc., but this is all so familiar by now as a clear indication of a PTB agenda.

Fire experts say mismanaged, choked forests need to be cleared out

In 2006 Clinton’s vice president, Al Gore, presented the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, which was as great an assembly of utter bullshit as ever existed (CV-19 excepted) and firmly established the Climate Change agenda. He went on a worldwide tour of indoctrination.

So, the discovery of The Bay of Smoke in 1542 and its particular microcosm of atmospheric conditions, provided the perfect ‘set’ for a worldwide drama worthy of the greatest Hollywood fiction.

Whatever your personal opinion of Global Warming/Climate Change, the perils of the infernal internal combustion engine and the lie of ‘fossil’ fuels, it has to be clear that the backstory is all purely manufactured and manipulated pseudo-science. One may ask how it is possible that one insignificant state in America managed to exploit its geographical and climatic circumstances to the point of holding the entire world to ransom. It’s easy – just look at the effect Hollywood has had upon society – I include the media in that. Now it seems we are falling for it all over again with the pandemic which they don't fail to tie-in with climate change at every opportunity.

PS: Another example of unjustified influence - “All almonds produced in the state of California, destined for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are required (mandatory) to be pasteurized. Even organic almonds will be required to be pasteurized, even though there has been absolutely no incident of salmonella poisoning among organic almonds.

“California is the only U.S. state that commercially produces almonds. According to the Almond Board of California, California grows 80% of the world's almonds. The pasteurized almonds will not be required to be labeled as "pasteurized" and may only be labeled "raw", effectively misleading consumers!" Source

...and there was me thinking that California was all about The Beach Boys, surfing and hot rods.

Will Scarlet


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